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Minecraft 1.21
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Minecraft 1.21

New update Minecraft 1.21, announced on Minecraft Live 2023. The update adds Trial Chamber, Breeze, Armadillo and many new features!

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Trial Chamber

The developers wanted to add more adventure for those who love fighting. A unique structure has been added to the game especially for this!

  • New underground structure
  • Consists of copper and new decorative blocks
  • In the center there is a corridor connecting various rooms
  • Here you can test your fighting skills
  • There are chests with loot

Trial Chamber from Minecraft

Trial Spawner

  • Generates in Trial Chamber
  • Summons hostile monsters to fight
  • The player receives rewards for winning
  • You can understand which monsters will spawn by the blocks near the spawner

Trial Spawner


  • New hostile mob
  • Spawns in Trial Chamber
  • Jumps high and shoots wind projectiles
  • The projectile creates a small explosion with a big knockback effect

Breeze mob


Won the Mob Vote!

  • Spawns in the Savannah
  • Drops the Shell
  • Wolf Armor can be crafted from the Shell

Armadillo mob

Armadillo Scute

Wolf Armor

  • Can be crafted from Armadillo Scute
  • Gives additional protection to the Wolf


  • New type of Workbench
  • Can interact with the Red Stone
  • Crafting slots can be disabled and enabled

The Crafter block description

Copper Bulb

  • New light block
  • Over time, it begins to oxidize and shine dimmer
  • Can be waxed

Copper Bulb

The first Beta and Preview versions will be released in the coming weeks.

«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.
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    Недоволен самим майном. Чем дальше в лес, тем моджанги дальше от игроков. Читал про фризы при загрузке чанков, и у меня они тоже есть! Телефон вроде и не слабый (8gb ОЗУ, Snapdragon 695). Пока бетку не запустил но надеюсь хоть там этого не будет.
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