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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defines how ModsCraft.Net receives, uses and protects information when you use the site.

What data do we get

Whenever you visit the site, we receive your IP address from you, as well as your device data. This allows us to provide protection against bots and other systems.

When writing comments, you fill in the username and comment input fields. You should be aware that you can leave some of your personal data in this way.

When you change the theme on the site, your browser saves a small variable to the browser's local storage. Thanks to this, when using a dark theme, it will not fly off every time you exit the browser.


Website ModsCraft.Net uses cookies. They are small data files that allow us to ensure the operation of the site.

There are two main types of cookies.
— Session cookies. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you close the browser.
— Persistent cookies. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer until they are deleted or until they expire.


Website ModsCraft.Net uses the analytics service Google Analytics. The data transmitted to Google Analytics allows us to create reports. All data is transmitted and processed according to the current Google policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy .

How is the data used?

All data is used for the stable operation of the site, as well as analysis and reporting.

Data Security

All data is securely stored on our servers. We do not receive and cannot know detailed personal information about our users.

Contact us

For additional questions, you can contact us via the page Contacts.
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