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Minecraft 1.18

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Minecraft 1.18

The second part of the update Minecraft 1.18 Caves&Cliffs. Part II is officially out and available to all players. Meet the new generation of the world, the updated height, cave and mountain biomes, and much more! You can download Minecraft 1.18 from today on all current platforms. Contents


The updated generation of the world not only includes a new height (320 blocks), but also a new system for generating mountains and caves, which additionally received their own biomes! Mountains in 1.18 can consist of five different biomes.

Changes in Minecraft generation 1.18
  • Mountain meadows are the lowest biome of the mountain range. It generates a lot of flowers and bushes of sweet berries.
  • Mountain groves — it's already colder here, there is a layer of snow, fir trees grow and white rabbits jump.
  • Snowy slopes — loose snow and ice mainly prevail here. And sometimes there are goats.
  • Jagged peaks are one of the variants of the highest part of the mountain range. They are generated only if the mountain is high enough, and if the rest of the biomes are too warm for majestic peaks. There is no vegetation and mobs here — only ice and snow.
  • Snow—capped peaks - are generated only if the mountain has reached the desired height and if the surrounding biomes are cold enough (taiga, snowy tundra). The entire surface is covered with loose and ordinary snow, dense and ordinary ice. It's slippery here!
  • Rocky peaks are the highest mountain layer, which is generated in warmer biomes (desert, jungle, savannah and barren lands). It is covered with gravel and stone, without snow, only goats appear here.
New Minecraft Mountain Biomes


Caves are now generated up to a height of Y=-59 and can consist of two types of stone, depending on the height. Caves located above the zero height mainly consist of ordinary stone, between Y = 0 and Y = -7 there is a mixing of ordinary stone with deep shale, and below Y = -8 deep shale will completely replace the stone.

Improved caves in Minecraft

Cave Features

By updating Minecraft 1.18, you will be surprised that biomes can now be generated inside caves, for example, Lush Caves. Caves are also generated with aquifers (underground spheres of water) and underground reservoirs independent of sea level. But aquifers located below Y = 0 can consist not only of water, but also of lava.

Aquifers in Minecraft 1.18

The caves generated before the update have been greatly improved and should blend nicely with the new caves. Rifts were also added — these are narrower and deeper canyons. Noisy caves have also been added, which in turn consist of spaghetti caves and cheese caves. Spaghetti caves are elongated caves with aquifers. Cheese caves are huge empty spaces with columns from floor to ceiling.

Lush caves

Lush caves can be found by azalea trees. In addition, the azalea tree can be found underground, if there is enough space.

Probably the most beautiful view of the caves in the game. This is a new biome filled with diverse vegetation and new mobs. Lush caves contain moss blocks, mossy cover, spore blossoms, cave vines and dripleaf plants. Glowing berries grow on cave vines, which restore two units of hunger.

Lush Caves biome

Dripstone caves

A new biome with predominant dropper blocks and droppers.

  • Stalactites — "grow" from top to bottom;
  • Stalagmites — "grow" from the bottom up.
Biome of Dripstone caves in Minecraft

Sculk Sensor

This unit picks up various sounds and is activated by giving a red stone signal. It is useful for creating wireless circuits in MCPE 1.18, but is only available in experiments.

Sculk Sensor in Minecraft

Goat horn

Falls from the goat when ramming against a solid block. When used, it emits the sound of the beginning of the raid.

Goat Horn in Minecraft

Last update: 1.18.32 RELEASE (May 6, 2022)

What's new?

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