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Minecraft PE 1.17
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Minecraft PE 1.17

During the annual exhibition Minecraft Live 2020, the game developers announced the next major update called Caves and Cliffs. Below, we have described all the major changes that have been made in this update.

Caves and Cliffs update logo


  1. Glowing octopuses
  2. Glowing ink bags
  3. New generation of mountains
  4. Goats
  5. New generation of caves
  6. Lush caves
  7. Drip Stone Caves
  8. Amethyst geodes
  9. Copper
  10. Telescope
  11. Lightning rod
  12. Axolotl
  13. Acoustic sensor

Glow Squid

The new mob that won the vote on Minecraft Live 2020. Spawns in the depths of the sea and has a glow. They drop Glow Ink Sac.

Description of Glowing octopuses in Minecraft

Glow Ink Sac

You can create from Glow Ink Sac new frames that highlight objects in the dark.

Description of Glowing ink bags in Minecraft

New generation of mountains

At Minecon Live 2019, the developers provided players with three biomes (wastelands, swamp and mountains) to vote on, but only one could win, and the players chose mountains.

Only a year later, the developers finally announced the update of the mountains, which will be part of the main update of the game! Updating the mountains will bring a new generation of mountains and goats to the game!

An example of the new mountains can be seen in the screenshot below.

Minecraft PE 1.17


Goats will appear in mountain biomes, and they can jump high, thereby overcoming obstacles!

Description of a Goat in Minecraft

Goats are able to attack other creatures and their attack can push them off a cliff!

Mountain Goat Attack

New generation of caves

To add new cave biomes, the developers will completely update the cave generation system in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs, making the caves much bigger!

Improved cave generation in Minecraft 1.17

Thanks to the updated cave generator, whole systems of cave lakes and rivers will appear!

Lush caves

Lush caves are generated under azalea trees.

In lush caves, a diverse amount of new vegetation is generated, and light guides can be found!

Drip Stone Caves

These caves consist of stalactite and stalagmite blocks.

Stalactites can fall, but at the same time, unlike sand and gravel, they will collapse.

If a creature falls on a stalagmite, it will take damage.

Amethyst geodes

Amethyst crystals and blocks of amethyst geodes are generated in these structures. The exact purpose of these blocks is unclear, but it will be possible to create telescopes from amethyst crystals.

Description of Amethyst geodes in Minecraft


Copper is a new resource in Minecraft, which can be obtained by melting copper ore in a furnace.

Description of Copper in Minecraft

Various new blocks can be created from copper — copper blocks, steps, plates.

At the same time, blocks of copper will begin to oxidize over time and from weather conditions.


The telescope is made of copper and amethyst crystals, it allows you to view objects in the distance.

Description of the Telescope in Minecraft

With a telescope, it will be easier to find hazards, structures and your home.

Lightning rod

Has your house in Minecraft ever burned down because of a lightning strike? Do not worry anymore, because the new update will bring lightning rods to the game, which will attract lightning to themselves, thereby helping to avoid fires!

Lightning Rod description in Minecraft


Now the cutest mob in Minecraft is the axolotl? Axolotls live in lush caves and come in different colors. When taking damage, they pretend to be dead to restore health.

Description of the Axolotl in Minecraft

Axolotls are peaceful creatures, but they attack drowned people, guardians, ancient guardians and fish. In addition, they can be tamed, and they will protect!

Skulk Sensor

The Warden can use Skulk Sensor to orient themselves in space, as these blocks vibrate when they pick up sounds around them. In addition, they can be used to create wireless mechanisms made of red stone.

Description of the Acoustic sensor in Minecraft

Last update: (October 28, 2021)
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