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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Rocks. Part II is a direct continuation and final update of this theme. In this update, the developers focused on processing the generation of worlds, increased the height, the caves became larger, and the mountains higher… And this is only a small part!


Vanilla experiments

These features are in the testing stage and will appear in 2022 along with the Wild Update.
  • Goat Horn
  • Sculk
  • Sculk vein
  • Sculk Catalyst
  • Sculk Shrieker
  • Sculk sensor

Blocks and objects in experiments Minecraft

New achievements
  • Caves and cliffs — jump from the top of the world (the maximum height of construction).
  • Just like at home — take a long strider train through the lava lake in the Upper World.
  • Star Trader — bargain with a villager at the maximum construction height.
  • Charming music — enliven the clearing with the sounds of music from the player.

Achievements in Minecraft 1.18

New music

Music for the update Caves and Mountains were written by Lena Rain and Kumi Tanioka. All of them are included both in the game menu and when visiting various biomes. Don't forget to download music sets if you have Android.
  • Stand Tall
  • Left to Bloom
  • Ancestry
  • Wending
  • Infinite Amethyst
  • One More Day
  • otherside
  • Floating Dream
  • Comforting Memories
  • An Ordinary Day

List of music in Minecraft 1.18

New items

There are no new blocks and mobs in the update, but a new item has appeared — the music record "otherside". You can find it with a small chance in the chests of dungeons and fortresses.

New otherside record in Minecraft


Significant changes have occurred in the generation of the Upper World. The generation of the landscape was completely redesigned, cave and mountain biomes appeared.
  • Caves have been redesigned, noise caves have been added
  • Rifts similar to canyons have been added, but they are much narrower
  • Depending on the depth, the caves consist of different types of stones
  • Lush and karst caves have been added
  • Ore deposits added
  • Added aquifers and reservoirs

Changes in Minecraft generation 1.18.0

  • Updated the background in the main menu
  • Worlds with the old generator type can no longer be created
  • Worlds with the old generator type do not have a new generation and an updated height
  • The number of magma blocks in underwater caves has been increased
  • Lava cube now attacks iron golems
  • Increased the number of dungeons in the world
  • Axolotls spawn only in lush caves and above clay blocks
  • 2-5 unprocessed copper falls out of the copper ore, instead of 2-3

Minecraft menu and background 1.18.0

Version equality
  • The raid scale is now reduced if a marauder (or another raid mob) takes damage
  • The screen now shows the number of players lying in bed
  • Added smoothness to the shield when using it
  • Improved generation of worlds, generators now create almost similar worlds

Equality of versions of Minecraft 1.18.0

Fixed bugs

More than a hundred different bugs have been fixed, here are the main ones fixed:
  • Lightning no longer has shadows
  • Mobs are now trying not to go to the bonfire
  • The light block no longer explodes
  • Fixed a bug where entities started to burn when passing through the Nezer portal
  • Fixed a bug with foliage transparency when it was near incomplete blocks
  • Fixed the animation of axolotls on land
  • Sweet berry bushes now deal damage to mobs
  • The Hero of the Village effect is now applied to all players after winning
  • Fixed the operation of the horus fruit at a negative height
  • Water, lava and loose snow can again be continuously placed

Fixed bugs in Minecraft

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