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Minecraft PE
16-03-2022, 19:03 74 351
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Minecraft PE

Another test version of Minecraft and Minecraft Preview has been released. The update fixes bugs and also adds a copper goat horn.

Copper Horn

Known Issues
  • Older worlds that have not yet been opened in 1.18+ may experience issues with unexplored chunks below y=0 not generating correctly. We suggest that you make backup copies of your worlds, and avoid opening pre-1.18 worlds in this Beta/Preview build.

Copper Horn
  • Added Copper Horn item, which is crafted using three Copper Ingots in a "v shape" with a Goat Horn in the middle
  • Can play three different sounds, by looking up, crouching, and everything else
  • Added special sounds for Copper Horns crafted from Goat Horns found from screaming Goats

Copper horn item in Minecraft

Goat Horn
  • Added additional Goat Horn sounds, which are random per goat
  • Added special sounds for Screaming Goat
  • Is always dropped when a Goat with at least one horn rams these blocks: Stone, Packed ice, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Emerald Ore, or any kind of wood log from the Overworld
  • Can be crafted into Copper Horn using 3 Copper Ingots in a "v shape" with a Goat Horn in the middle
  • Goats have a small chance of spawning with only one horn (Baby Goats will always end up with two horns)

Pillager Outpost
  • Added Goat Horn and Copper Horns as loot

Pillager Outpost and horn

Vanilla Parity
  • Nether Brick, Iron/Gold Nuggets, Red/Brown Mushroom Blocks, and Chorus Plant/Flower Blocks can no longer be used as fuel in Furnaces
  • Camera now shakes the same way it does in Java Edition when the player receives damage

Vanilla Parity in Minecraft

Features and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the hunger bar would not deplete on some Marketplace worlds
  • Fixed Bad Omen effect not being applied after defeating a Pillager Captain
  • Mob hurt and death sounds no longer overlap
  • Knockback resistance now dampens the vertical lift received from the Iron Golem attack
  • Save Structure Blocks now correctly detect Corner Structure Blocks at negative Y levels
  • Fixed an issue where some large mobs in Marketplace maps could get stuck
  • When using the new touch controls on mobile devices, the size of the thumbstick can now be adjusted with the Button Size slider in the settings screen
  • Fixed an issue in Pocket UI where items could be dropped unintentionally in blocks with custom UIs, and resized those screens to allow for dropping items on the sides instead
  • Improved contrast on multiple UI elements
  • Enabled the Behavior Packs tab in the new Create New World screen

Technical Updates
  • Fixed an issue in the Knockback goal where the incorrect owner was being passed into the filter evaluate function
  • Limited the number of elements in the crafting_tagsfield of the CraftingTableComponent to 64
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading entities in a chunk that contained entities pre-1.18.30
  • Added event 'leverActivate' - fires when a lever is toggled
  • Added optional argument showParticles: bool = trueto function addEffect
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