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Minecraft PE 1.16.210

03:51, 10 Mar 2021 52 329
Minecraft PE 1.16.210

The new release version Minecraft fixes a lot of bugs that players found in previous versions, and this update also improves the stability of the game.


  • Players can now hear ambient sounds in the Cave
  • Mobile players need to download a set of music to hear the surrounding sounds in the Cave
  • The use of bone meal in warm ocean biomes now creates only seagrass, corals and coral fans

Parity of versions


  • Added support for the F11 button for quick access to fullscreen mode
  • Added the volume slider of the onscreen speaker in the sound settings
  • Android devices:
    • Discontinued support for the Android version of KitKat
    • Players using Android KitKat or an earlier version will not be able to buy Realm on the device

Known issues:
  • There may still be an error on PlayStation 4 that causes the game launch to hang on the logo
  • It is possible that the player will not be able to return from the local network to online on the Nintendo Switch due to the endless download
  • Players cannot see and join local sessions on Xbox consoles without an Xbox Live Gold subscription
  • The Chest inventory menu is not displayed when the chest is placed close to the wall on PlayStation VR
  • There is no animation when using objects and hitting the air when playing on mobile devices

Fixed bugs:
  • Performance and stability:
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during the game
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the achievements screen when the smoothing parameter was set to 1
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading .mcstructure files that include objects
    • Teleportation animation from the building no longer causes the game to crash
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the world
    • Fixed crash related to broken bios for different worlds of the market
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Code Connection
  • Basic:
    • Players can connect to servers again when the server has a drawing range of 4 or less
    • Split-screen characters are now stored in memory and re-joining the game will save the character that the player had
    • Restored the ability to reconnect to the server after it was suspended and resumed
    • In case of a login error, a message with a detailed description of the error and an error code will now be displayed
    • Clicking the "Download Template" button in the absence of the necessary templates of the existing world now correctly loads the necessary templates
    • Solved a problem that in some cases the world could not sync properly with the cloud (Xbox only). If you're having trouble syncing worlds, try opening the world on the original Xbox, save/close, then wait a few seconds for the world to re-sync with the cloud.
    • Fixed a bug where creating a bed using a recipe book opened the "Change Sheets" trophy.
  • Gameplay:
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to take fall damage when opening Shulker boxes
    • Players will no longer dismount from vehicles (trolleys, boats, etc.) in liquid (lava or water)
    • In all worlds created with the same generation key, the same chest will now always generate the same contents in the same order
  • Mobs:
    • Fixed a bug where mobs using melee attack couldn't reach the target below or above them
    • Fixed a bug where parrots could fly up endlessly
    • Fixed a bug that made the Ender Dragon animation seem shaky
    • Added new logic for dismounting mobs
    • Fixed a bug that caused foxes not to eat sweet berries
    • Fixed a bug where players could use summoning eggs in adventure mode
    • Trolleys now update their effects correctly
  • Blocks:
    • Extraction of crimson gifs using silk touch now returns the placed block
    • Fixed a bug that caused some market worlds to have incorrect block data when playing Realms and multiplayer games between a mobile device and a PC
    • Fixed the underside of dried algae
    • Fixed a bug that caused snow to accumulate in lines
    • Dynamite submerged in water starts players in survival mode again
  • Items:
    • Ink bags obtained from traveling merchants can now be used for crafting and stacking
    • Redstone Dust (Red Dust) is now displayed as Redstone Dust instead of Redstone.
    • Non-user bricks now give experience for melting
  • Graphics:
    • Fixed a bug with the screen resolution, which caused the game to flicker when resizing the window
    • Fixed a bug with drawing maps over transparent objects when attaching elements to frames when using ray tracing
  • Special features:
    • Fixed a bug where speech synthesis didn't read the title on the permissions screen
    • Emotion Wheel now supports screen reader on Android and iOS devices
    • Keyboard inputs can now adjust slider settings when the cursor is outside the frame of the user interface.
    • Fixed a bug where speech synthesis could not read the names of permission switches on the permissions screen
    • Speech Synthesis now reads Whisper and Announcement messages
    • Speech synthesis now notifies the player when the "Chat Settings" menu is opened
    • Speech synthesis now correctly reads the text of the "Edit" button / Create a Character" for each character on the profile screen
    • Speech synthesis now correctly reads the names of the parameters "Replacing the A/B button" and "Replacing the X/ Y button"
    • Fixed an error due to which speech synthesis periodically did not read the names of some buttons
  • Interface:
    • Command blocks no longer censor numbers
    • Improved smoothness of menu transition animations
    • Now a warning appears when trying to move a locked item into a container or take it out of a container
    • Updated outdated boot screen prompts
    • Added new informative messages of video settings for ray tracing on supported and unsupported platforms
    • Golden Apple and Enchanted Apple now have a colored hotbar text when they are selected
    • Tool and armor recipes now display the background of the selected item when selected in the recipe list
    • Wireframe of a structure block in the Overworld will no longer render in Nether and The End
    • Sound sliders are now always highlighted when the mouse cursor is hovered over
    • Fixed the item strength panel
    • Fixed a bug where achievement titles and descriptions were not translated regardless of the language choice
    • The online status of cross-platform friends displayed on the invitation screen will now be updated when changes are detected.
    • Fixed a bug where achievement awards were not displayed correctly after changing the language
    • Available and purchased skins are no longer mixed into different categories offline
    • Updated in-game links to support pages
    • Fixed skin preview navigation when using the controller
    • Fixed incompatibility button on the market inventory screen
    • Fixed some interface issues with scrolling and clearing store filters
    • Increased the time limit for selecting the download of a resource package when connected from 5 seconds to 5 minutes
    • The invitation screen in the game will now be updated when you return to it from the add participants screen
  • Achievement Screen:
    • Updated achievements screen is available for all platforms by default (except PS4 VR)
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the scrollbar to be hidden
    • Fixed a bug that caused achievement information to be hidden
    • Updated the size of the achievement reward frame
    • Updated the frame for blocked achievements
  • Teams:
    • The teleport command now correctly transmits the rotation of the entity
    • Fixed a bug where command selectors were not offered for use
    • Spawn events are now displayed as suggestions for the '/summon' command
    • "SendCommandFeedback" no longer prevents outgoing messages from being displayed
    • Added a stop action for the '/screenshot' command
    • The values of the Scoreboard points are now aligned to the right of the table
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from interacting after using the '/clone' command on a block with a double chest
    • Using the '/clone' command to clone a block of the same type no longer results in an unsuccessful operation

Bug fixes Minecraft

For cartographers and modders:

  • Updated Behavior set templates:
  • Bug fixes:
    • Horses, donkeys, mules, skeleton horses and zombie horses can now be given proper names and identified using the corresponding "runtime_identifier"
    • Improved performance for actors using "TemptGoal"
    • Zombie inhabitants created by mob spawners on worlds from the market that were created after version 1.11 now correctly appear as zombie inhabitants V2. After treatment, they are now properly transformed into V2 residents
    • Fixed a bug due to which the version number of the boats was not updated
    • The Bedrock server command documentation has been updated to show the correct commands to reload permissions and list output
  • Technical changes and corrections:
    • coming soon

  • GameTest Framework:
    • Allows you to run various '/gametest' tests with the "Enable GameTest Framework" option enabled in editing the world, useful for modders and cartographers
    • GameTest does not work on consoles
  • Custom biomes and blocks:
    • Disabled loading of entities in user biomes
    • Fixed a bug with UV blocks and their deformation
    • Fixed a bug with data-driven blocks that caused pistons to work with them incorrectly
  • Render Offsets Component:
    • Simple items (swords, pickaxes, etc.) may have an additional offset applied to them to change the way they are rendered
    • Component variables:
      • main_hand is an optional object that stores optional conversion data for "first_person" and "third_person" for the player's right hand
      • off_hand is an optional object that stores optional conversion data for "first_person" and "third_person" for the player's left hand
      • first_person is an optional object that stores 3 vectors "position" (position), "rotation" (rotation), "scale" (scale), used to build the matrix of the first person
      • third_person is an optional object that stores 3 vectors "position" (position), "rotation" (rotation), "scale" (scale), used to build a third-person matrix
  • Bedrock Dedicated Server:
    • On the server side, protection against the use of semicolons in the server-name parameter in the server.properties configuration file has been added. If the semicolon characters are used by the user in the server-name parameter, then any semicolon will be deleted to ensure proper client-server interaction. Additional comments have been added to server.properties, which do not allow the use of semicolon characters in the server-name parameter
    • On the server side, protection against semicolons and invalid characters has been added for use in the level-name parameter in the server.properties configuration file. If a semicolon or characters that are invalid for the file name are used by the user in the name-level parameter, these characters will be deleted to ensure proper client-server interaction and proper use of the name-level parameter on the server side. Additional comments have been added to 'server.properties' that do not allow the use of semicolons or characters that are invalid for using the file name in the level-name parameter.
    • On the client side, additional verification and correction of Disconnected Pong packet data has been added to prevent incorrect parsing of server parameters and the inability of the client to connect to the server as a result. Added unit tests for parsing, additional verification and correction of packet data Disconnected Pong

Addons changes

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