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Minecraft PE

It seems that the new release version Minecraft PE (Bedrock) 1.16.101 will be the biggest technical update in the history of the game, because the developers have fixed a huge number of bugs in it, added even more parity with the Java Edition, added managed blocks and their models, and also made a huge number of changes for map creators and Add-ons!

New features:
  • Completely updated achievement screen and updated achievement pictures.
  • Over a dozen new Character Editor items have been added to the game and can be unlocked with achievements.

Version equality and bug fixes:
  • Sea turtles now play a sound when they lay eggs.
  • Dolphins now dry out at the same rate as in the Java Edition — 120 seconds.
  • Undamaged items will no longer prevent damaged items from being repaired.
  • Basalt can no longer be destroyed by Gast fireballs.
  • Now it takes a little more time to destroy basalt blocks.
  • Dynamite is no longer activated when a red torch is placed directly on it.
  • Experience balls are now floating in the water.
  • The movement of the nezerite in the lava has been corrected.
  • Netherite armor no longer loses strength when standing on magma blocks.
  • Trading discounts from the "Hero of the Village" effect and the healing of zombie inhabitants now correspond to the Java Edition.
  • The wings of the Phantoms now make sounds.
  • Pistons can no longer be pushed above the building height limit or into the void.
  • Blackstone can now be used to create cooking racks.
  • Players can now create farmlands using the '/give' command and select them using the 'Block Selection' (middle mouse button).
  • Cod and salmon killed by fire are now dropped as cooked food.
  • Now the chains can be placed horizontally.
  • Generation of floor and ceiling surfaces now corresponds to Java Edition.
  • Sand shower valleys now have ceilings covered with soil shower and sand shower.
  • Basalt deltas now have basalt ceilings.
  • Striders with passengers can now be tamed.
  • Piglins now drop their inventory when they are zombified.
  • Piglins and Piglins-beasts now retain their equipment when zombifying.
  • Piglins-beasts now give not 10 experience, but 20 experience when they die from the player.
  • Lanterns can now be placed underwater and they will not collapse.
  • Piglins now offer the same items in exchange as in the Java Edition.
  • The fire of souls no longer melts snow and blocks of ice.
  • Zombie Piglins no longer hang over Striders while riding them.
  • Distorted fungi can now grow in crimson forests.
  • Now the Piglins are offering Nezer bricks in exchange, not blocks of Nezer bricks.
  • Hoglin Cubs and Zoglin Cubs now have a drop from the player's death.
  • Baby Zoglins now have big heads.
  • Desiccant skeletons now automatically attack Piglins and Piglins-beasts.
  • Hoglins are now running away from Rebirth Anchors.
  • Iron golems are now attacking Hoglins.
  • Zoglins now take damage from the healing effect and are healed by harmful effects.
  • If the chests of the destroyed portals contain a Sparkling Watermelon, then they no longer contain only one slice of watermelon.
  • Zombie Piglins sitting on Striders now hold a Distorted fungus on a stick in their hand.

  • Added several new Experimental Gameplay switches to access some of the things being tested and content from the store.
  • Added a new screensaver with the Mojang Studios logo on Android devices.

Known bugs:
  • Xbox One controllers don't work properly with Oculus Rift.

Bug fixes

For map makers and Add-option makers

reload, if the code cannot be seen
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