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Minecraft PE Beta 1.16
15-04-2021, 19:38 4 957 157
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Minecraft PE Beta 1.16

Minecraft Beta 1.16 Nether Update has been released and is available for download on Android devices, adding a lot of new things to the game from the next update version!

New blocks

Nether Update brings a lot of new blocks to the game!

New tree blocks Crimson Stems (Crimson Stems) and Warped Stems (Warped Stems) can be found in new biomes of the Lower World.

Crimson and warped stems

Use an axe to get the cut stems.

Getting stripped crimson block

The stems can be used to create new boards.

New crimson warped planks

Crimson boards can be used to create new doors, buttons, semi-blocks, fences, etc.

Minecraft PE Beta 1.16

Warped wood has similar blocks with different textures!

New mud blocks can be found in new biomes (Crimson Nylium and Warped Nylium)

Crimson Forest

An ominous place where you can find trees made of crimson wood

Crimson Forest in Minecraft

In this biome, you can meet Hoglin! They're not doing anything yet, but they have such cute ears!

Warped Forest

This biome is similar to the Crimson Forest, but is distinguished by dark blue fog, warped trees and new mud blocks.

In this biome, as in the Crimson Forest, you can find a new light source — Shroomlight!

Souls valley

Ash is in the air, ghasts are flying, a light blue glow envelops the valley... Beware of skeletons!

In this biome, new Soul Soil blocks are generated, which can be used to create a Soul Fire Torch.

Biome Valley of Souls in Minecraft

If you need bone blocks, then this biome is a great place to mine resources!


A new precious material that can be found in the depths of the Lower World. Use it to upgrade your diamond armor!

Netherite armor and tools

Netherite armor and Netherite tools are improvements to diamond armor and diamond tools.
  • Armor increases protection, gives resistance to dropping.
  • Tools have increased damage.
  • The strength of Netherite armor and tools is higher than that of diamond!

Under the spoiler below, you can find detailed information about the new resource and the new Netherite armor.

Netherite armor and tools do not burn in lava!

A Netherite block can be created from a Netherite ingot.

  • The old Lower Biome is now called the Nether Wastes
  • Wrecks and ruins in the ocean are now harder to find!
  • Added the '/locatebiome' command to search for biomes
  • New particle types: ash, crimson_spore, soul_fire_flame and warped_spore
  • Gast sounds are now heard at a shorter distance
  • Updated sounds for bone blocks, Nezerite stones (nezerite), soul sand, nezerite growth block, nezerite bricks and quartz

Minecraft PE 1.16 Update

Updated: April 15, 2021.
The Latest version: v1.16.230.56
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