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Minecraft PE 1.4

13:48, 31 May 2018 1 676 427
Minecraft PE 1.4

Long after the release of the update 1.2 developers have released the long-awaited large-scale update Minecraft Bedrock (PE) 1.4 for Android, iOS, Windows 10 and Xbox One! New update Minecraft Bedrock is almost completely connected with the water world of the game, and now you will have new opportunities to explore it!

Ocean biomes and updated water

Yes, now the oceans have different types of biomes with a certain temperature. In addition, the developers have updated the view itself above and below the water!

Minecraft PE 1.4


Dolphins will become faithful helpers for those who are looking for treasures!


Now pisces is not just some kind of object, but full-fledged entities. They appear naturally in rivers, lakes and oceans (depending on the biome and temperature).


  • There are four types of fish available in total: cod, salmon, puffer fish and tropical fish
  • Tropical fish can be of different shapes and sizes (so there can be 3072 of them in total!)


A powerful new weapon that can be enchanted with four new charms.


Now there are four new charms available in the game, which can only be cast on a trident:

  • Loyalty: Returns the trident to the player
  • Impaler: Can hit multiple targets at the same time
  • Tyagun: if you throw a trident, it will pull the player forward with it
  • Thunderer: lightning strikes the place where the trident falls

Kelp and seagrass

They are underwater plants that are generated in the oceans.

The kelp leaf can be dried in the oven.

Coral reefs

Coral reefs are structures that are generated only in the warm ocean. Various tropical fish swim near them, and they themselves naturally consist of coral blocks.


Corals are generated in the ocean on coral reefs.


  • There are five corals available in total: blue, pink, purple, red and yellow
  • If the coral is on land, it will die
  • For each type of coral block, there is a coral plant and a fan coral

Sunken ships

This structure can be found in the ocean, while on a sunken ship there is a chest containing a treasure map.

The treasure map points to the place where the treasure chest is buried.

Underwater ruins and caves

As on the surface, underwater ruins and caves can now be found underwater!

Underwater gorges

At the bottom of the ocean, you can now find an underwater gorge, the bottom of which consists of obsidian and magma blocks.

Magma blocks should create air bubbles, but this is not yet in the game.


Icebergs are generated in cold oceans. They consist of dense ice, snow and blue ice blocks.

Hewn logs

If you tap an axe on a log, you can get a hewn log.

Hewn logs can be obtained from all types of wood.

Wooden buttons, plates and hatches

Now each block of wood has its own type of wooden button, pressure plate and hatch!

Prismarine slabs and ladders

Prismarine, prismarine brick and dark prismarine can now be used to craft slabs and ladders!


Drowned people are drowned zombies. You can find them in oceans and rivers.

Be careful, because drowned people can swim!

Underwater sprint

Thanks to the underwater sprint, you can now swim much faster!

To access the new features, do not forget to activate the Use Experimental Gameplay item on the world creation/editing screen.

Minecraft Update 1.4.4

Updated: May 23, 2018
Latest version: v1.4.4
What's new?:

  • Fixed a problem with telemetry.

«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.
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