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Minecraft PE 1.8.1
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Minecraft PE 1.8.1

The new long-awaited update of the game Minecraft Bedrock (PE) Edition under version 1.8 brings support for custom creatures to the game, which we have been waiting for a long time, and an update with support for scripting API will be released very soon!

Let's quickly go through the list of changes! sunglasses (not all innovations are posted on this page)

Update kittens!
For a long time in order to find a cat, it was necessary to tame an ocelot, but now everything has changed! Ocelots can no longer be tamed, and cats (cats) are separate creatures.

Cats in Minecraft 1.8

You can find these cute creatures in villages, and domestication also works with raw fish.

Minecraft PE 1.8.1

For a long time, players have been asking to add the ability to color the collar of cats, and since version 1.8 this feature is available!

Painted collar at кошки

A new creature has been added to the jungle biome - pandas! Read more about them in our article [Let's take a look at pandas].

Pandas in Minecraft 1.8

It is an analogue of a bow, but at the same time the crossbow has more power and requires a long recharge. There are three charms for a crossbow: Multishot, Piercing, and Quick Charge.

Crossbow in Minecraft 1.8

Returning the particle command
A year ago, the developers cut out the '/particle' command from the game and promised to return it "someday". In the 1.8 update, this was done.

New particles in Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft PE 1.8 Update

Latest version: v1.8.1.2
What's new?
  • Fixed the issue of saving to the Nintendo Switch disk. For the rest of the platforms, the problem of loading Realms has been fixed.
«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.

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