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Let's take a look at pandas in Minecraft!
21-10-2018, 11:33 19 537
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Let's take a look at pandas in Minecraft!

With the release of the update Minecraft Beta 1.8 Pandas have become the new mob of the game, which naturally appear in jungle biomes. But why were pandas added, and not any other animal?

The reason for this was the vote, which took place from September 7 to September 20 and was exclusive to Chinese players Minecraft. Five candidates were available for selection: panda, alligator, monkey, deer or dolphin. I think many have guessed that the Big Panda won with 466,490 votes!

Let's take a look at pandas in Minecraft!

The choice was obvious, because Large (or giant) pandas are unique animals, since they live only in China. In the XX century, they became one of the symbols of the country, and by the end of the 1970s, China began to provide pandas to other countries of the world.

Do you think that these cute creatures eat only plant food? You are mistaken, because pandas are relatives of bears, and, accordingly, predators! But usually they only eat bamboo, and VERY, VERY much! They can eat up to 30 kg of bamboo in a day!

It is clear that in Minecraft it is impossible to implement everything in as much detail as possible as it is in real life, but the developers have tried to make a lot of interesting mechanics for this mob!

You can meet them only in the jungle biome, or using the spawn egg or the '/summon' command.

At the time of writing, there is no generation of bamboo forests in the game, so you can only feed the panda yourself - bamboo or cake.

Bamboo is also used for reproduction, but they will only do this if there are bamboo stalks next to them.

Pandas have different animations and behaviors.
  • Aggressive
    • They are neutral to players and mobs, but when attacking, such pandas deal 6 units of damage.
  • Lazy
    • Do not interact with the player and do not eat objects from the ground.
    • They can lie on the ground.
      Slower than normal pandas.
  • Worried
    • Avoid most mobs, except pandas.
    • They shake and hide their faces during a thunderstorm.
  • Playful
    • Often roll and jump.
  • Unhealthy
    • Sneeze more often than ordinary pandas.
    • They have 10 health instead of 20.
  • Brown
    • They do not have a unique character, but such pandas have a brown color.

Panda in Minecraft is crying

Panda genetics
Each panda has two hidden meanings called "alleles". During breeding, the alleys of two pandas are randomly mixed, and new traits are passed on to the offspring. The maximum value of alleles is 15. As in biology, there is a dominant allele and a recessive allele.
  • Lazy: when the dominant allele is 0.
  • Agitated: when the dominant allele is 1.
  • Playful: when the dominant allele is 2.
  • Aggressive: when the dominant allele is 3.
  • Sick: when the dominant allele is 4-7.
  • Brown: when the dominant allele is 8-9.
  • Normal: when the dominant allele is 10-15.

As you can see, although pandas are useless in the game, they demonstrate a lot of interesting features that with the update 1.8 each player can create for his own creature using Add-ons.
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