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Mod: New Bows
15-01-2022, 02:53 28 310
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Mod: New Bows

Only one type of bow is available in vanilla Minecraft, but what if more battle bows are available in the game? This is exactly what mod New Bows was created for, adding 9 new bows, while each of them has its own unique properties.

Getting bows

All new bows are available in the Creative Mode inventory.

New bows in the player's inventory

You can also get them with the command /give @s new:.

Getting new bows by the team

A lightning bow and a throwing bow can be purchased from a resident archer.

Getting new bows from a resident

The rest can be crafted.

Blaze bow

When hit, the arrow ignites the 3x3 block area.

Crafting of an Blaze bow

Ender bow

When hit, the arrow teleports the owner.

Craft ender luka

Explosive bow

The arrow explodes the area.

Crafting an explosive bow

Glowstone bow

The bow in the hand emits a small light source, and the arrow illuminates the area.

Crafting a glowing bow

Ice bow

The arrow creates blocks of ice.

Crafting Ice bow

Health bow

When hit, the arrow creates a regeneration effect in the area.

Crafting Health bow

Miner bow

Destroy blocks in the 3x3 area.

Crafting a digging bow

Thunder bow

The arrow creates lightning.

Type of lightning bow

Knockback bow

When hit, the arrow throws off all nearby mobs, causing damage to them.

View of the discarding bow

Long bow

This bow is much stronger than usual and allows you to shoot two arrows at the same time!

Crafting a long bow

Magnetic bow

An arrow dropped from a magnetic bow begins to attract all the nearest objects within a radius of 12 blocks.

Crafting a magnetic bow

Spider bow

A shot from a spider bow creates a web, slowing down enemies.

Crafting a spider bow

Shulker bow

Hit the enemy with a Shulker bow to put a levitation effect on him.

Crafting a schalker bow

Find a resident archer to purchase a throwing, smoke, lightning or mini bow from him.

Trade with a resident archer

Last update: January 15, 2022.
What's new?
  • Added a smoke bow
  • Added a mini bow
  • Added shulker bow
  • Added spider bow
  • Added a long bow
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    Почему мод находится в разделе для модов 1.18,хотя мод работает только на 1.17?
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      У меня redmi 9a всё работает
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