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Minecraft Live 2021 Results
16-10-2021, 19:08 12 520
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Minecraft Live 2021 Results

Every year, Microsoft and Mojang hold the largest event dedicated to Minecraft, called Minecraft Live. Last year, the developers announced on Minecraft Life 2020 Caves and Cliffs, and this year we were shown the next major update Minecraft 1.19 "Wild Update"

Video: the most important thing


Archaeology Delay

It was not completely canceled, but archeology will not be released either after 1.18 or at 1.19. The developers postponed it for a long time in order to carefully work out the functions.

Archeology has been moved to Minecraft

Warden and Deep Dark Delay

The Warden, the sculk blocks and the deep dark biome have been moved. Now they will be added in Minecraft 1.19.

Warden in the biome of deep darkness

Xbox Game Pass

Minecraft: Java Editon and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will be available via Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC from November 2 this year.

Minecraft in Xbox Game subscription Pass

World generation parity

In Minecraft 1.18, the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition worlds generator will now create worlds as similar as possible!

Comparison of caves in Minecraft Java and Bedrock
Comparison of jungles in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Minecraft release date 1.18

The release of the update Minecraft 1.18 will take place this year over the coming months.

Information with the release date of Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft Update 1.19 "Wild Update"

Yes, the next update Minecraft 1.19 was named The Wild Update.

Wild Update Logo Minecraft

Deep Dark City

The developers reported that they want to make the game more gloomy and presented Deep gloomy cities.

Deep gloomy city in Minecraft

Such cities will be generated at the level of deep shales. They will consist of new blocks, including Sculk blocks.
The player will be able to find a strange place here, resembling a place of occultism.

Mysterious place

Warden will guard the treasures of the city. If the player emits a vibration, to which the Sculk Shrieker will react, then the mob will appear from the ground.

Mangrove swamps

This biome lost in the voting at MineCon Live 2019, but the developers decided to bring it back this year and presented it officially!

Mangrove swamp biome

Mangrove trees can be used to create new types of boards, fences and other blocks.

House from Mangrove planks

Frogs and tadpoles

There will be three types of frogs available: ordinary, snowy and tropical. Each of them will have its own characteristics.

Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs can jump high, climb hardwoods and water lilies, and also have behavior animations.

Tadpoles will inhabit swamp waters.

Tadpoles in the waters Minecraft

If the tadpole is in cold waters, it will turn into a snow frog, and if it is in warm waters, it will turn into a tropical frog.


Fireflies will complement the atmosphere and will be nicely illuminated.

Fireflies at night in Minecraft

Frogs will catch and eat fireflies.

The frog opened its mouth


The mud blocks will be updated and will receive new functionality. Now the player will be able to use a flask of water to wet the dirt.

If you put wet mud over the drip, then over time it will turn into clay.

Mud in Minecraft

Mud bricks

A new building block.

Mud bricks in Minecraft

Boat with chest

Players have been asking to add this feature for a long time and in Minecraft 1.19 it will be possible to place a chest in a boat!

Boat with chest

The player will be able to place the chest at the back and sit in front. Now the boats will be more useful!

Minecraft 1.19 concepts

The developers showed several screenshots with the concept art of the update, where you can see the new biomes.

The update will update the existing biomes in the game, unique fogs will appear, the temperature will affect the mobs even more.

Big birch forest
Sunset in mangrove swamps
Night in the mangrove swamps
Players on a boat in mangrove swamps

Winner: Allay

Mob voting has come to an end, and Mob Allay has won this year!

Winner of Allay in Minecraft

Minecraft Dungeons Update

Today at Minecon Live, the developers announced a new update for the game Minecraft Dungeons called Seasonal Adventures, which will feature both free and premium rewards when purchasing an Adventure Pass.

Players will receive points for which they will be able to unlock new skins, cloaks, pets, emotions and abilities. The free rewards include emeralds and gold.

The first season of Minecraft Dungeons will be called The Cloudy Climb and will add rewards such as a spotted pig, toucan and crow, as well as the emotion of lying down.

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