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Mod: Pet Furniture
24-04-2022, 12:13 11 203
Furniture / Blocks
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Mod: Pet Furniture

Do you like animals? Don't know how to decorate your house so that your pet has its own place? Now there is a mod Pet Furniture for this! He adds 29 new decorative blocks to Minecraft.

In editing the world, enable the experiment functions. If textures and block models are not displayed, install the mod Block-Geo Fixer.

You can get blocks with the command /give @s pf:.

The command for issuing blocks from the mod

You can also use stonecutters and clay to craft them.

Crafting blocks through a stonecutter


Dog houses
Pet aisles
A scratching post for a cat
A bed and a drinking bowl for a pet

Last update: April 24, 2022.
What's new?
  • Added 8 new blocks
  • Fixed bugs
  • Optimized blocks
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