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Mod: Pet Blocks 1.16+
18-08-2021, 17:58 10 551
Survival / Mobs
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Mod: Pet Blocks 1.16+

Bored that in Minecraft There aren't many interesting pets available? With mod Pet Blocks, new creatures will appear in the game in the form of various game blocks that you can tame and they will be great helpers in survival.

At the moment, there are 5 new creatures in the expansion. It is important to note that at the moment the damage and health of all creatures are the same.

Block pets in Minecraft

Herbal pet
It appears in the biomes of the plains.

Mud block pet in Minecraft

Stone pet

Stone block pet in Minecraft

Pumpkin pet

Pumpkin block pet in Minecraft

Oak pet

Oak block pet in Minecraft

Glass pet

Glass block pet in Minecraft

Growth stages
To raise a blocky pet, you need to feed it with an Enchanted ruby that falls from the Villains.

Pet Growth Stage 1
Pet Growth Stage 2
Pet growth Stage 3
Pet Growth Stage 1
Pet Growth Stage 1
Pet Growth Stage 1
Pet Growth Stage 1
Pet Growth Stage 1
Pet Growth Stage 1
Pet Growth Stage 1

You can tame a pet with apples.


Creating pets
To create a pet, you will need 8 enchanted emeralds and the corresponding block.

Creating a pet in верстаке

Enchanted emeralds can be obtained from the inhabitants-priests. The price of an emerald is quite high, but for a good friend it's worth it.

Enchanted emerald

Don't forget to enable the experiment functions for the mod to work properly.

Enabling the mod in the world settings
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Pet Blocks (.mcaddon)

[170.61 Kb] downloads: 3190
Supported versions
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