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Minecraft Live 2020 results

4-10-2020, 02:51 7 956
Minecraft Live 2020 results
The broadcast of Minecraft Live 2020 has come to an end and this year the developers have made several new announcements, as well as the gaming community has chosen a new mob in the voting!

Now let's go through everything announced from the last event! blush

Minecraft crossover with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Microsoft and Mojang, together with Nintendo, announced a paid add-on for the Super Smash Bros. game. Ultimate, in which characters from the Minecraft universe will appear!

Purchase characters from Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available separately for 449 rubles, or by buying a "Fight ticket 2", which will include characters from other games, but for 2249 rubles.

New DLC for Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons will receive a major new update Howling Peaks, which will feature new content, including new bosses. Players will have to make their way through crowds of new enemies, but it will not be so easy. The new wind mechanics will complicate movement, and the Storm Golem will create storms!

The DLC Howling Peaks will be released in December this year.

Minecraft Live 2020 results

All Minecraft Dungeons players will receive a free Apocalypse Plus update, which will bring new levels to the game for those who want to test their skills.

The free update should also bring crossplay between Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch to the game.

Mountain Update

Last year, the community chose the update of the mountains in the vote and after a long lull, the developers finally announced it!

Mountain goats will appear in the mountain update, which can jump high and attack mobs.

The generation of mountains will also change.

This update will be part of the main update of the game, information about which is below.

The winner in the mob vote is a Glowing Octopus!

The developers presented three mobs for voting — a Glowing Octopus, an Ice Axe and a Cow Flower, but only one of them could win and get into the game and the players chose a Glowing Octopus as a new mob!

New features for add-on developers

The developers will continue to improve the capabilities of Add-ons and have announced new features for their creators! Soon the game will be replenished with features such as the creation of their own cultures and mobs that can appear from blocks.

"Caves&Cliffs" is the next major game update!

At the very beginning of the broadcast, the developers immediately announced the next update Caves and Cliffs.

There will be a new item "Pouch", in which you can put resources so as not to fill the inventory.

When you hover the mouse cursor over the bag in the inventory, all the resources lying in it will be shown.

The new object "Telescope" will allow you to view objects in the distance!

Cave update first completely updates the cave generator.

Caves will become much bigger, cave lakes and rivers will appear.

Lush Caves is one of the new biomes generated in caves. This biome can be found by special trees.

There will be various plants and new glowing berries in the lush caves.

The second biome is Dripstone Caves, in which there will be stalactite and stalagmite blocks that can fall and cause damage to mobs and players. In addition, if any mob or player falls on them, they will also receive damage.

In the depths of the caves, a new hostile mob will appear — the Warden, who cannot see, but he catches the vibrations of movement with his ears. He is incredibly strong and moves fast!

New blocks will appear — Sculk Shrieker and Sculk Sensor, Sculk Sensor will be able to interact with the red stone.

A new light source will appear — candles.

A new cave dungeon where you can find chests with resources, barrels and a melting furnace.

In the caves, you can find a new resource — amethyst, which appears in a special biome. In this biome there will also be "atmospheric" sounds of "bells" created by amethysts or by the biome itself (it is not yet known for sure).

With the new update, a new copper ore will appear, from which you can create various useful blocks and items!

Various copper blocks can be created from copper ingots, but over time they will oxidize.

In addition, lightning rods can be created from copper!

In the cave lakes, you can find new cute creatures — axolotls.

Axolotls can be tamed and they can help! For example, they are able to protect against guards in underwater fortresses.

Remember that what is shown on Minecraft Live 2020 is not a complete description of the next update. During the development of the "Cave Update", developers can add new features, replenishing the game with what was not shown on the broadcast.

In the video below, you can learn about all the main innovations.

Full demonstration of all innovations:

And what did you like the most? Share your opinion in the comments! blush

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