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Minecraft PE 1.0 (0.17.0)
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Minecraft PE 1.0 (0.17.0)

Creator: Mojang
The long-awaited new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0 for mobile devices and Windows 10 has finally been released! In the new version, the developers have added long-awaited innovations that will send you on new adventures in the game world Minecraft!

The full version is available on our website Minecraft 1.0.0 for android. At the end of the entry you will find download links Minecraft PE. In the meantime, let's look at the innovations!

In the store window MCPE there is an opportunity to download in-game music. Remember that the size of the music is 78mb and we recommend downloading it via WiFi.

Minecraft PE 1.0 (0.17.0)

In the new version, when creating the world, it became possible to set a pre-prepared key (LED) for generating the world MCPE. This is really useful, because you can create a world with a village, with a dungeon, etc.!

Now all players Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0 (0.17.0) have the opportunity to change the graphical interface. You can use both the standard interface and the new, classic one.

To switch the interface, go to settings MCPE 1.0, go to the tab Video and click on Show advanced video settings, then select UI profile and select Pocket or Classic.

The interface in the game will now be like on the PC version of Minecraft. You can bring the interface back at any time.

The main difference of this interface is that with it in the inventory of the creative mode, you will have an item search available. This is really cool and very useful, because it used to be in Minecraft on Android was not!

Since version of MCPE 1.0.4, trading has appeared in the game, which will help you exchange certain resources with villagers. It's really cool!

Perhaps we will go on a trip to the coldest place in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0. It would seem that there is no life here, but no. Now polar bears will live here. You can find polar bears in any winter biome.

Polar bears can be friendly, neutral, or hostile. Cubs are friendly, and adults are neutral, but they can also become hostile if they are attacked.
  • All adults will become hostile if their cubs are attacked within a 41×21×41 radius.
  • The adult will also become hostile if the player is within a 21×21×21 radius of the adult and the cub is within a 16×8×16 radius of the adult.

Polar bears can attack not only players, but also any other mobs. And they swim faster than the player, which complicates the fight with him if you have little health. Polar bears attack by standing on their hind legs and tearing the player apart with their front paws.

In winter biomes, you can also find a small structure called Igloo. The igloo consists of one room, but some can be generated with a stone-brick basement with a 50% chance. There is a trapdoor with a ladder located under the carpet. At the bottom you will find a scale spawner, a chest with things, a cauldron, a cooking rack with a potion of weakness, 2 red carpets, 2 spruce steps and spruce slabs, as well as a resident priest with a zombie resident priest behind iron bars.

Now let's go to the end of the world Minecraft - The End! The End is a gloomy, desolate third dimension of MCPE, consisting of a huge island with a diameter of 150-250 blocks. Here you will find Enderman, Endermite, Shulkers and the boss—⁣ End Dragon!

After defeating the End Dragon, you can get to the End City MCPE and find there elytra that you can put on yourself to get the opportunity to "soar in the sky"!

In the test version of Minecraft, the Storage item appeared in the game settings, which allows you to manage all worlds, texture sets and mods (add-ons), which is very convenient!

You can study the full list of changes below. Update Minecraft 1.0 is really large-scale!

The full list of changes MC:PE 1.0 (0.17.0) we posted under the spoiler:

«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.

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