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Minecraft PE Beta
10-12-2020, 13:31 153 045
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Minecraft PE Beta

A new beta version has been released Minecraft PE, which fixes bugs and also makes even more changes with equality between the Java Edition with goats and loose snow!

  • Pouring water on snow no longer creates snowballs.
  • The use of bone meal in warm ocean biomes now creates only seagrass, corals and fan corals.

Equality of versions:
  • Fixed a bug where goats could attack an invalid block.
  • Goats no longer have problems moving up full blocks when tempted or reaching a breed partner after triggering the "nearest_attackable_target" state.
  • Goats no longer jump on magma blocks.
  • Goats can now jump on several incomplete blocks, such as slabs and ladders.
  • The game no longer crashes after the goats have been killed by the Shulkers.
  • Goats no longer have a problem going to each other for breeding.
  • The goats now correctly follow the player with the leash.
  • Goats now have only one cub at a time.
  • Goats no longer attack armor racks.
  • Creepers no longer attack goats in response to ramming.
  • Goats can now always be properly attacked after jumping.
  • Goats don't jump too high anymore.
  • Goats no longer miss stationary players when they perform their battering ram attack.
  • Goats can now drop only one horn at a time, and the number of remaining horns is displayed on the model.
  • The baby goats now drop their attacking target to a shorter distance.
  • The drop distance now depends on the speed.
  • The goats will now try to take the target again, which is moving away from their ramming attack for a short period of time.
  • The goats are now throwing their rammed targets a little higher.
  • Goats no longer jump from honey.
  • Baby goats will no longer jump as high as adult goats.
  • Goats now have to jump on the plane very rarely.
  • Goats no longer jump if they are moved from their starting position.
  • Updated the colors of the goat creation eggs.
  • The model of the goats has been updated so that they have the correct head rotation.
  • The shield now gives partial protection from being thrown away by a ram attack of a goat.
  • Loose snow blocks now show block destruction animation.
  • A block of loose snow is no longer transparent when viewed through clouds.

  • Updated outdated prompts on the loading screen.

  • Extraction of crimson gifs using silk touch now gives a block.

  • Fixed a bug where parrots could fly up indefinitely.
  • Zombie inhabitants created by zombie spawners in the worlds from the market that were created after version 1.11 are now correctly created as zombie inhabitants of version v2. When they are cured, they will now properly turn into v2 villagers.
  • Horses, donkeys, mules, skeleton horses and zombie horses can now be correctly given proper names and identified using the appropriate "runtime_identifier".

  • Fixed a bug with rendering transparent objects when attaching them to frames in RTX worlds.
  • Reduced the "ghostiness" of fish when viewed through water with DLSS enabled.

Minecraft PE Beta
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