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Minecraft 1.20
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Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft 1.20 was announced on Minecraft Live 2022 — a new major game update. Camels, Sniffer, new signs, rafts and much more!

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New Skins

Steve and Alex have been the only official vanilla skins for a long time. Developers will add 7 new skins.

New skins in Minecraft 1.20


So far, two mobs have been announced.


  • A mount
  • Inhabits the Desert
  • Eats cacti
  • You can ride together
  • Can be propagated
  • Jumps over ravines and rivers

Camel in Minecraft 1.20


  • Won on Minecraft Live 2022
  • Ancient creature
  • Hatches from eggs
  • Eggs appear in the chests of Underwater Ruins
  • Looking for Ancient seeds

Sniffer in Minecraft


  • A new type of boat
  • Can be crafted with bamboo planks
  • Can be used to craft a chest variant

Bamboo raft


The update will bring new blocks to the game.

Hanging Sign

  • 10 variants
  • Can be hung
  • Works like a regular sign

Hanging Sign in Minecraft

Chiseled Bookshelf

  • Can store up to six books
  • Enchanted books, or Books and Quills
  • Works with Redstone

Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20

Bamboo Planks

  • Created from bamboo
  • Used for crafting:
    • slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, signs, buttons, doors, rafts and trapdoors

Bamboo Mosaic

  • Can be crafted from Bamboo Planks
  • Decor block


Some items have been announced.

Ancient seeds

  • The Sniffer gets them
  • You can plant and grow a plant


When will Minecraft 1.20 be released?

The first betas and snapshots will start coming out soon. The update will be released in 2023.

An untitled update?

The developers together with the players will choose the name closer to the release of the update.

Why so little?

The developers announced only what is already ready for implementation. The rest of the content will appear gradually.

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