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This week, the developers released a new beta version of Minecraft The update fixed a number of critical bugs, made some changes and improved the Camels in the game.

Camels in Minecraft

Experimental Features

  • The length of a Camel dash is now influenced by the Speed and Jump Boost effects
  • A Camel now keeps dashing until it touches ground or water
  • Camels now slowly heal over time
  • Camel Spawn Egg now has new colors to better fit the color palette
  • Changed the Camel's walk animation based on community feedback
  • Camel walking animation now matches its movement speed

  • Added controller tooltip "Place Book" if the player looks at a non-full Chiseled Bookshelf holding a Book, Book and Quill, written Book or enchanted Book
  • Added controller tooltip "Remove Book" if the player looks at a non-empty Chiseled Bookshelf while holding nothing or anything else than a Book, Book and Quill, written Book or enchanted Book
  • Fixed the recipe for Chiseled Bookshelf so that it can be constructed from any type of Planks and wooden Slabs that have the standard tags

Experiments in Minecraft

  • Fixed an issue where the player could clip through some walls while stuck inside blocks
  • When stuck inside a block, players will now be pushed towards the nearest open area
  • Fixed choppy performance after resuming the game due to incorrectly presented frames
  • Mob shadows render properly on Android devices using ANGLE
  • Using the Anvil to enchant or fix items will no longer rename items unintentionally
  • Fixed a bug where Slimes and Magma Cubes could break Shield durability every tick (MCPE-119451)
  • Fixed a bug where Pufferfish could break Shield durability every tick (MCPE-143689)
  • Armor Stands will now drop their offhand item upon destruction (MCPE-158228)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ender Dragon to not load if the world was saved and loaded while it was alive

Bug fixes in Minecraft
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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