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12-04-2023, 18:43 138 615

The developers have released a Minecraft Beta/Preview for Android, iOS, Windows 10 and 11, Xbox consoles. The update added customization of shields, a Sniffer egg, and a new flower to the game. Many of changes have been made and bugs have been fixed.

Experimental Features

  • Potions, Tipped Arrows, and mob effects have had their colors adjusted to make them more distinguishable from each other
  • Miner Pottery Shards can now be found as loot when brushing Suspicious Sand blocks in Desert Pyramids (MCPE-168921)
  • Shelter Pottery Shard now has the correct display string
  • Brush
    • Brushes can now be enchanted with Mending, Unbreaking, and Curse of Vanishing
    • The Brush now displays a tooltip when aimed at Suspicious Blocks on touch devices
    • Brushing other non-Suspicious blocks will now produce a generic brushing sound
    • The Brush is now dealt damage upon brushing brushable blocks. No damage is taken when breaking blocks
    • Use of a Brush will no longer be interrupted if clicking the left mouse button while brushing (holding right mouse button)
  • Aligned the flammability of the Bamboo woodset to match the other woodsets
  • Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel do not drop anymore when falling on top of Daylight Sensors, Signs, Banners, Mob Heads, Conduits, or Campfires
  • Cherry Grove biome can no longer generate with invisible Double Tallgrass blocks above Pink Petals
  • Dandelions no longer generate in the Cherry Grove biome
  • Hanging Signs
    • Decreased the maximum number of characters allowed in Hanging Signs, while increasing their font size
    • Arrows no longer get stuck shaking violently at the bottom of Hanging Signs
    • Hanging Signs and other blocks can now be attached to Anvil (bottom), Chorus Flower (bottom), Mob Spawner (sides, and bottom), Grindstone (bottom when the Grindstone is hanging), Daylight Sensor (bottom), and Turtle Egg (bottom). Hanging Signs and other blocks can no longer be attached to the side of Dirt Path and Farm Land
    • Hanging Signs attached to the bottoms of Decorated Pots now attach with a v-shaped chain to the Pot
    • Increased the volume of sounds emitted by Hanging Signs
    • Crimson, Warped, and Bamboo Hanging Signs now have custom sounds to match their wood type
    • The UI background for Signs and Hanging Signs now always matches the material they are made of
  • Armor Trims
    • Untrimmed armor pieces now render correctly in-hand and in the world when carrying an equivalent armor piece with trim
    • When swapping a trimmed armor piece with an equivalent piece without trims, both items now render correctly in the HUD hotbar
    • When swapping a trimmed armor piece with an equivalent piece without trims, both items now render correctly in UI-slots
  • Camel
    • Camels now straighten their heads after sitting down, instead of looking up or down
    • Camels' heads no longer clip into passengers when looking up
    • The Camel's dash bar is now displayed in Pocket UI as well
    • Camel's dismount hint is now properly localized
  • Mobs are now correctly positioned above the surface of Bamboo Rafts when riding them
Experimental changes in Minecraft

Shield Customization

  • A top Vanilla Parity feature request! A Shield can now be combined with a Banner to apply its pattern on it
  • The banner is consumed on use
  • A Shield can be combined with a Banner only if no pattern was previously applied


  • Fixed an issue where a Piston could become invisible in rare cases
  • Players no longer take fall damage when falling through water at high speeds
  • Players no longer fall through Farmland Blocks after jumping on them
  • Players no longer fall through Mud Blocks or Farmland Blocks if they are standing on the block as it becomes a complete block
  • Fixed an issue where placing blocks while sneaking on an interactable block was not working as intended with client authoritative movement
  • Fixed an issue where an Armor Stands pose would not change when right clicked while the player has sneak held and flying
  • Weighted Pressure Plates now update their signal strength immediately when multiple items are placed on top
  • Wooden Logs generated in Woodland Mansions now have the correct facing
  • Removed redundant lava_cauldron block
  • The sounds emitted by players and mobs stepping, falling, jumping, or landing on top of Sculk Sensors are now affected by the "Players" sound slider
  • After choosing the Main Menu option on the death screen, the player hitbox will be the correct size when returning to that world
  • Fixed an issue where a locally hosted dedicated server was not found by clients on the same machine
Fixed bugs in Minecraft

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