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The developers have released another beta build of Minecraft and Minecraft Preview In this update, bugs have been fixed, optimization has been improved, and changes have been made.

The official list of changes is available at feedback.minecraft.net.

The frog looks forward

Known Issues
  • Potion effects of differing strengths do not stack correctly

  • Warden can now path through lava
  • Warden can now pass through water
  • Warden is no longer pushable while emerging or digging
  • If the Warden is in liquid when attempting to despawn, it will not do the digging animation, instead it will just despawn without any animation/sound
  • Warden now always chases a nuisance after it roars at it
  • Warden now increases its anger towards an attacking nuisance by 100 anger for each attack

Spectator Mode
  • Player in Spectator mode can now breathe anywhere
  • Player in Spectator mode cannot be pushed by Piston
  • Spectator will be ignored for sleeping rules to skip the night
  • Moving around as a Spectator will no longer affect player's hunger level
  • Spectators no longer broadcast self-made sounds; such as footsteps, climbing, watersplash, etc.
  • Player's insomnia timer stops ticking once the player switches to Spectator mode
  • Render only head for players in Spectator mode
  • Render players in Spectator semi-transparently
  • Projectiles such as Arrows, Tridents, Fireballs will now shoot through Spectators
  • Spectators playing with gamepad no longer are shown unusable tooltips

The player is in spectator mode without a body

Vanilla Parity
  • Mobs equipping items in armor slots now produce sounds
  • Campfires can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • Lecterns can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • Weeping Vines can now be placed underneath all blocks which can provide full-faced bottom support
  • Breaking a Boat with Chest or minecart with chest will now anger nearby piglins
  • Structure Blocks can no longer be waterlogged
  • Relative positioning of entities exiting Nether portals no longer have their placement snapped to a block position coordinate
  • Fixed a visual bug where liquids could have unexpected heights in the corners depending on diagonally-adjacent blocks
  • Allay pickup range is changed from 64 to 32 blocks to match Java Edition
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  1. Nikol2287
    Здравствуйте моджанг пожалуйста добавьте в игру в манговом болоте мангувую деревню пж
  2. Mojang
    моджанг меня пугает что за херобрин и её сестра я знаю их но они же не были в майне в этих версиях
  3. САЛИМ
    Это Фрост дог не правельны
  4. Фоаст лоток
    Я Фоаст лоток для подачи какашык
  5. Жека
    Не понял, а что сестра Хиробрина в игре была? И кто она вообще, как выглядит?
    1. Стас
      Найди в интернете bobby1545
  6. Хер тень..
    Всм бета¿У меня в сервере пишеца как релиз но я там делал 1.18.33
  7. Dimon
    А кто такая сестра Хиробрина?😰😰😰😰
      Not downlad the minechraft 1.19
      1. АКСОЛОТЛЬ
        Сесра хиробрина???🙁🙁🙁
  8. Салим
    Добавьте файл armv8
    1. Индев
      На нем оптимизация лучше или что?
      1. АКСОЛОТЛЬ
        Он для процессора armv8 у меня такой
        1. Индев
          Такие процессоры у 80% людей, вопрос в том, зачем отдельный апк для v8, если Майн на v7 с v8 совместим
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