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The developers have released another beta build Minecraft and Minecraft Preview

Sculk blocks and music box

Spectator Mode (Experimental)
  • Introducing Spectator Mode experimental toggle. Players can now try out early development versions of Spectator Mode by enabling the experimental toggle
  • Mobs no longer flee from players in Spectator Mode
  • Spectator Mode will no longer trigger Tripwire traps

Music Disc 5
  • Added Disc Fragment 5 and Music Disc 5
    • Unlike other discs, it can only be obtained by finding and crafting 9 Disc Fragments together
    • These Disc Fragments can be found rarely in Ancient City Chests

  • Some changes have been made to the Warden's ranged attack:
    • When using their ranged attack, the vertical knockback now respects directionality
    • It will now bypass Shields and armor, and has a custom death message
    • It deals 10 damage instead of 30 damage, and the cooldown has been reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Wardens now drop a single Sculk Catalyst upon death
  • Warden now increases anger (10 for non-frequent projectiles and 35 for frequent projectiles) when being distracted by projectiles
  • Warden now reacts to non-arrow type projectiles
  • Warden can now correctly be distracted by non-arrow projectiles
  • Warden now gets angry at all mobs that bump into it

  • Sculk Catalysts and Shriekers have the same blast resistance as on Java
  • Restored some Sculk-related sounds that were mistakenly removed
  • The Sculk Shrieker's shrieking sound is now categorized properly as a block sound
  • The Sculk Sensor's activation and deactivation sounds are now categorized properly as block sounds
  • Sculk Sensor can now properly detect a Player using a Fishing Rod
  • The Sculk Shrieker no longer exhibits z-fighting on any faces when held in hand or placed in Item Frames
  • Piston will not be able to push Sculk Shrieker, Sculk Sensor and Sculk Catalyst
  • Cracking animation no longer appears around tendrils while mining Sculk Sensor

  • Mangrove Propagule can no longer be fertilized indefinitely
  • Mangrove trees no longer grow if the area above them is obstructed
  • Merged mangrove_propagule_hanging into mangrove_propagule block and used a hanging block state instead
  • Mangrove wood/log types now properly prevent leaf decay
  • Brought Mangrove tree foliage into parity with Java Edition
  • Fixed an issue where Mangrove trees were generating without logs in the branches
  • Fixed a bug that caused most of the Mangrove Wood blocks to be unaffected by fire
  • Non-Mangrove Saplings can now grow into full trees when bone-mealed on Mud
  • Mangrove leaves now drop leaf blocks when harvested by Shears
  • Campfires and Smokers can now be crafted out of all variants of Mangrove Wood

  • It is now possible to take a stackable item from the Allay and add it to an existing stack
  • Allay now has a new throw sound
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      Это бета
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    У мене minecraft лагає! Як це виправити???
  3. даша корейка
    норм апдейт жаль светлячков не будет
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    Мда чо вы скачать не можете:/
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    Да вы что не можете скачиваем и потом уже в файле скч
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    Да жаль
    Жалко что святлячков не будет
    1. Жека
      Да, согл, и еще эта логика с поеданием слизней намного тупее, чем светлячков. Ну, может Mojang еще прмдумают ему назначение а игре, и в будущих версиях мы его все-же увидим
  10. Ситников Яромир
    А она то не вышла,я тупой
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