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Minecraft PE Beta
27-01-2022, 19:49 50 343
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Minecraft PE Beta

After a week of waiting, the developers released a new beta build Minecraft This update makes some changes and fixes bugs, as well as a new test UI.


The main change of the update was the public testing of the new interface. So far, it is only available in test mode for the world creation window.

Enabling the new interface in Minecraft

After activation, you will immediately see the updated world creation interface. The developers have tried to make sure that players have to scroll less by moving various options into separate categories.

New Creation UI мира

Experimental features, including the Wild Update, have been moved to a separate section Beta Features.

Testing functions in the new UI

  • Updated some textures
  • Frogs now jump more often
  • The time of transformation of frog eggs into tadpoles has been increased
  • Increased the tadpole's hitbox
  • Frogs in meadow biomes now belong to the usual options
  • Changed the animation of the frog's jump and tongue
  • Removed the question button in the inventory when using the pocket interface
  • Recipes for crafting grid in 3x3 are no longer displayed in inventory
  • CTRL + Backspace now erases the entire word in front of the carriage
  • CTRL+ DEL now erases the entire word after the carriage
  • CTRL + left arrow now moves the cursor to the beginning of the word
  • CTRL + right arrow now moves the cursor to the beginning of the next word

Vanilla Parity
  • Now worlds can be created using 64-bit seeds (from -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807), while they can be copied between Bedrock and Java to create the same world
  • The player's hand no longer twitches while pulling the bow arrow
  • Fixed the hitbox of falling blocks
  • The leash now works with wild wolves
  • Fixed a bug that caused the priest-residents to offer a light dust instead of a block of red stone
  • Non-numeric seeds now create the same worlds as in Java

Parity of versions in Minecraft

Technical changes
  • Removed Scripting API (Additional Modding features) after several years of testing
  • Added the '/volumearea' command to create, delete, and list areas
  • Added the mojang-minecraft-ui module with a set of APIs that allows you to create various dialog boxes


The update also fixed many different bugs. Major fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with removing armor while using the workbench on the pocket interface
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when exiting the zoom and wardrobe settings
  • Dynamite blocks now move correctly in a random X/Z direction after activation
  • Mobs can no longer pass through azalea blocks
  • Fixed loading chunks after teleportation
  • Witches no longer disappear during raids
  • You can interact with the resident again if the egg of the creature's creation is in your hand

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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