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Minecraft PE 1.18.10
8-02-2022, 19:46 305 665
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Minecraft PE 1.18.10

Finally, a new release version Minecraft for Android and all other relevant platforms has been released. The developers not only fixed bugs and made changes, but also added frogs and frog light blocks.

Wild update

In the World creation and editing window, the player can enable the Wild Update option, which activates experimental features from the next update Minecraft 1.19

  • Frogs will spawn in Swamp biomes
  • Frogs can croak, jump, swim, and walk on land
  • Frogs can eat small Slimes, causing a Slime Ball to drop
  • Frogs can be tempted and bred using Seagrass, but this is just a placeholder food for now
  • Frogs lay eggs after mating
  • Frog eggs that hatch spawn Tadpoles

  • Tadpoles that grow up will turn into a Frog
  • Tadpoles can swim in water
  • Tadpoles "jump around" like fishes when on land, and eventually die
  • Tadpoles grow into a different type of Frog based on the biome they are born in
  • Tadpoles can be caught in a Bucket

  • Three new Froglight blocks have been added (Pearlescent, Verdant, and Ochre)
  • The Froglight blocks emit light
  • The blocks are obtained by luring a Frog close to a small Magma Cube. The Frog will eat the Magma Cube and a Froglight block will drop. Each Frog variant will cause a different Froglight block to drop

  • World settings can now be changed directly on Realms, just like local worlds
  • If you’re playing in South Korea, we added gameplay timers and notices in compliance with gaming laws to help remind players to take occasional breaks from gameplay
  • Added the Globe Banner Pattern on Bedrock
  • Added '/loot' command - Drops the given loot table into the world
  • Added a new '/damage' command to allow players to deal damage to entities
  • Big Dripleaf placement has been restricted to Clay, Grass, Dirt, Farmland, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Podzol, and Mycelium
  • Updated textures for multiple blocks and items to remove bugs and achieve parity between Bedrock and Java Edition
  • Fossils can now be generate below Y=0, with Deepslate Diamond Ore Blocks instead of Coal Ore Blocks

Vanilla Parity

Various changes have been made to make the game more consistent with Minecraft: Java Edition:
  • Raid boss bar says now displays "Raid - Victory" and Fireworks are launched from the ground after a raid is defeated
  • Villagers now make a "No" sound when attempting to make a trade that they are out of stock
  • Players no longer gain a particle effect when obtaining Bad Omen from Pillager Captains
  • Iron Golems now show different degrees of cracking depending on their health. Iron Ingots can be used on damaged Iron Golems to repair them
  • Removed the emerald icon above a Villager's head when trading
  • Iron Golems now only attack players that have very bad standing in a village after attacking a Villager
  • Glow Lichen now has similar brightness as Java Edition
  • Foxes now aim downwards when they pounce
  • Updated trade tables for Butchers, Cartographers, Librarians, and Wandering Traders
  • Biome decoration features in cave biomes now have similar frequency as Java Edition
  • Adjusted the "otherside" music disc to give off a redstone signal of 14 to match Java Edition
  • Adjusted the "Pigstep" music disc to give off a redstone signal of 13 to match Java Edition

Fixed bugs

Bug fixes from beta versions have been merged with a release update.
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