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Minecraft PE Beta
5-01-2022, 19:46 65 934
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Minecraft PE Beta

The first beta for 2022 was released under the number Minecraft, in which the developers made various changes, fixed bugs, and also added new blocks.

Blocks and a frog in Minecraft
  • Added sounds for frogs and tadpoles
  • Fixed the speed of panic in frogs
  • Tadpoles can now panic (swim away)
  • Added the '/damage' command, which allows you to damage entities

Frog light

Added a new block called Froglight, used as a light source.
  • There are three options available: pearlescent, greenish and yellowish
  • Frog light falls out when a frog eats a small Lava cube
  • The color of the block depends on the color of the frog

Frog blocks of light in Minecraft

  • Iron golems now display destruction status based on their health. Iron ingots can be used to repair damaged iron golems
  • The brightness of the glowing lichen now corresponds to the Java Edition
  • During the attack and jump, the fox now flies head down
  • Removed the emerald icon above the head of a resident during trading
  • The trade list for residents of butchers, cartographers, librarians and itinerant merchants has been updated to match the Java Edition
  • Iron golems now attack players with a very bad reputation in the village only after attacking a resident

Parity in Minecraft

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused entities not to be saved in chunks after exiting the world
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when a world with a Wasteland biome was created
  • Foundries and smokehouses give experience again
  • Glowing lichen can no longer be placed on frog eggs
  • Placing cocoa beans using the /setblock or /fill commands no longer results in a crash
  • Fixed grass destruction animation
  • Fixed a bug with opening chests, destroying blocks when there were a lot of mobs nearby

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
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      Вова в новой версии исправили этот баг версии
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    Монге -Назын
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