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Minecraft PE 1.0.9
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Minecraft PE 1.0.9

Creator: Mojang
Immediately after the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.5, developers began developing a new version that fixes some bugs and adds new content.

I must say right away that this is only the full version of Minecraft 1.0.6 for all platforms. If you want to get a version with forest mansions, llamas and other innovations, then you need to install the beta version Minecraft 1.1.

Starting with update 1.0.5, the long-awaited command block will be available in mcpe! Now you can create really amazing maps and mechanisms for Minecraft PE!

Minecraft PE 1.0.9

What's new?

  • Command Block
  • Trolley with command unit
  • Chain Command Block
  • Cyclic command block
  • Added commands: /clear /particle /difficulty /effect /gamerule /me /particle /playsound /replaceitem /title

Attention: you can get command blocks only by using commands in the chat:
  • /give @p command_block qty - will issue a command block
  • /give @p repeating_command_block qty - will issue a cyclic command block
  • /give @p chain_command_block qty - will issue a chain command block
  • /give @p command_block_minecart - will issue a trolley with a command block

Command Block Interface:

Update 1.0.6 added a new mix pack Chinese Mythology to MCPE, which includes a set of textures, a map and a skin pack of 26 skins. In addition, the developers have added a free card, which can be obtained by those who have logged in to Xbox Live.

And already with the update 1.0.7 in Minecraft PE will be available Fallout mix-set, which includes a map, textures and skins!

The developers literally threw mix kits at the players and with the update MCPE 1.0.9, a set of Greek mythology became available in the game!

A new release version is available Minecraft PE 1.1 RELEASE.

Last update: 20.05.17
Version: 1.0.9 (
What's new?
  • Added a mix set Greek mythology.
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