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Minecraft PE 1.0.5
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Minecraft PE 1.0.5

The update Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.5 for Android, iOS and Windows 10 has brought one of the most long-awaited innovations to the game - command blocks! Now, players can create different maps using these blocks. For example, you can make the weather change in the world when a player presses a button. And this is just an example of what these blocks can do.

It is worth noting that unlike the PC version of Minecraft, in MCPE command blocks in terms of functions are very limited, since at the moment in Minecraft PE there are not all commands. I hope that in the future developers will add to the list of features, but we can only waitsleeping

New features:

  • Power Rangers Skin Pack
  • Xbox Live and Realms support on Apple TV devices
  • New commands: /title, /stopsound, /playsound, /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /me, /replaceitem, /spreadplayers, /testfor and/gamerule!
  • Game rules: commandblockoutput, sendcommandfeedback, drowningdamage, falldamage, firedamage and PVP!
  • Command blocks
  • Trolleys with command blocks

Minecraft PE 1.0.5


  • The magnifying glass no longer appears on top of the text being entered into the Storage
  • Fixed the jump distance of magma cubes
  • The lapis lazuli icon is now in the enchantment table
  • Fixed the accuracy of Gast's fireballs
  • Hirobrin will no longer follow you through the camera.

Fixed bugs:

  • The player will no longer get stuck in blocks and suffocate after restarting the world
  • Fixed the position of the beacon when it is in the hand
  • The Wanderer of the Edge has sounds again
  • Mobs that are between the borders of chunks will no longer disappear when the game crashes
  • Fixed various Storage bugs
  • Villagers no longer pick up items after a player's death
  • End portal now works with the /fill command
  • Undead mobs (zombies, skeletons, etc.) now have the right sounds of wanting
  • The chat will no longer flash when the touch keyboard is open
  • And many other fixes!

Last update: 29.03.17
Version: 1.0.5 (
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