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Minecraft PE 1.1
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Minecraft PE 1.1

The company Mojang has prepared a real summer gift for all players, by releasing a new major update of Minecraft PE 1.1 "Research Update"! The update is already available for Android, below you can read the details and download the version.

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A new natural structure of unprecedented size! The forest mansion rarely appears in the biomes of the Dark Forest, the easiest way to find it is with the help of a Treasure Map, which can be purchased from a Resident cartographer. In the forest mansion, the player can meet new hostile mobs:

  • Callers
  • Champions
  • Harassers

Forest mansion in Minecraft PE


The champion is one of the main and hostile inhabitants of the Forest Mansion. Equipped with an axe and does not have any special features. Can take part in Raids. Sometimes an iron axe or 1 emerald falls from it.

The Champion and his характеристики


One of the most dangerous mobs. With the help of his magic, the Summoner is able to summon Annoyants and Jaws. Summoners participate in Raids. The best weapon against them is a bow and arrow.

Description of the Caller in Minecraft


A small but rather dangerous mob attacking in groups. Appears as a result of the Summoner's magic. They can pass through any blocks, which makes the fight even more dangerous.

Description of the Harasser

Totem of immortality

This item can save a player's life. Drops out as a reward after the death of the Caller . If you hold the Totem of immortality at the moment of possible death, it will give a second life, additionally imposing on the player the effect of "Regeneration II" for 40 seconds and "Absorption II" for 4 seconds.

Description of the Totem of Immortality

Glazed ceramics

A new block of terracotta, painted with various patterns. In total there are 16 different patterns available. To create it, it is necessary to melt colored terracotta colored clay. The block is great for creating complex patterns and decor.

Glazed терракота

Shulker Box

The new block, which has 27 inventory cells, which allows you to store various resources in it. It is created from two Shells of a shalker and a chest, can be painted with a dye.

When the Box is destroyed, the shalker saves all the contents and it can be moved along with the resources to a new location.

schalker's box in Minecraft PE


A new neutral mob. Llama can be equipped with a chest and carry things on it. They appear in the Savannah and they can be tamed, but they cannot be saddled.

However, the Llama can be hooked with a leash and then she and all the nearest Llamas will follow you. Llama can be decorated with carpet .

Llama in Minecraft

Frost Walker

A new enchantment effect, thanks to which the player will be able to walk on water. When using shoes with such a charm, the water under your feet will start to freeze.

Char Icy Tread


A lot of changes have been made, making the game much better. Below we have described the main ones from the bottom.

  • Store Added
  • Added Enchantment Fix
  • Added a treasure map
  • Added a piece of iron
  • Added a new profession for a resident — Cartographer
  • White beds are now generated in the igloo
  • Updated the texture of wool
  • Updated carpet texture
  • The bed can now be painted
  • Unpainted ceramics are now called Terracotta
  • Ceramics are now called Terracotta
  • The duration of cave spider venom now depends on the difficulty
  • Improved leash physics
  • New sleep animation
  • Screenshots of worlds are now displayed in the main menu
  • The animation of eating food is now displayed from the 3rd person

Changes in Minecraft 1.1

Last update

The most recent version of this update was released on August 1, 2017 under the number 1.1.5. The list of changes can be found on the page [CHANGES IN MINECRAFT 1.1.5].
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