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Minecraft Live 2022 Results
16-10-2022, 01:27 6 216
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Minecraft Live 2022 Results

Minecraft Live 2022 is over. The show was very intense and this year the developers showed only what is already ready for release! Minecraft 1.20, Sniffer, what will be added to the update?

Mob Vote Results

More than 3.5 million players participated in Mob Vote this year. More than half of the votes were received by the Sniffer, the victory is his!

Sniffer won on Minecraft Live

Minecraft 1.20

The developers did not give the update a name. The update will be developed together with the players so that the developers can consider their wishes.

New default skins

In addition to Steve and Alex, new versions of default skins will appear in the game.
  • 7 new variants
  • Will be used in future videos and other materials

New skins in Minecraft 1.20

Hanging Signs

New types of signs, useful for creating signs, signage, and decor.
  • Have an expensive craft
  • Can be hung
  • Any type of wood, including bamboo
  • Can be hung on other signs

Hanging Signs
Hanging Signs blocks

Bamboo blocks

The possibilities of using bamboo will be expanded! From bamboo, you will be able to craft:
  • Stairs
  • Plates
  • Steps
  • Grids
  • Doors
  • and other blocks!

Bamboo block house

Bamboo Raft

They are not much different from boats, but they are made of bamboo.

Raft in Minecraft 1.20

Chiseled Bookshelves

A long-awaited innovation! Now books can be stored on bookshelves.
  • Can hold up to 6 books
  • Work with Redstone
  • Useful for storage and mechanisms

Bookshelves in Minecraft 1.20


A new animal for riding!
  • They live in deserts
  • They love cacti
  • Able to jump over
  • Bigger and slower than horses
  • Can accommodate two players at the same time

Camels in Minecraft

Explore the world with your friend, gullies won't be a problem!

Camels in Minecraft gif

The camel can use a jerk, which is useful in combat.

Camel Sprint

When will Minecraft 1.20 be released?

The developers will develop the update together with the players for almost a whole year!
  • The name of the update will be selected for release
  • The release will take place in 2023
  • The first snapshots and test builds will start coming out soon

Minecraft 1.20 release date
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