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Minecraft 1.19
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Minecraft 1.19

On Minecraft Life 2021 developers have announced the next major update for the game - Minecraft 1.19 «Wild Update». The first test versions will be released early next year, and the release will take place in the summer. In this article you will be able to get acquainted with all the innovations of the update and download from Google play after release Minecraft 1.19.

The material will be supplemented.


Mangrove tree

Mangroves will appear in the next update and will become a new kind of tree.
  • They grow in mangrove swamps
  • Roots grow in water and deep in the ground
  • Logs can be used to create new blocks

Description of Mangrove trees in Minecraft 1.19

Mangrove swamps

A new biome, which is a subspecies of an ordinary swamp. It differs in that mangrove trees grow here, creating entire forests.

Minecraft 1.19


  • Grows out of a tadpole
  • There are three types: normal, snowy and tropical
  • Eats small magma cubes
  • Has a funny animation
  • Can jump
  • Each species has its own characteristics

Description of frogs in Minecraft


  • It lives in swamp waters
  • The type of frog depends on the temperature of the biome
  • You can catch it with a bucket

Description of a tadpole in Minecraft


Warden has been transferred several times already and now it will definitely appear in Minecraft 1.19! The developers have completely redesigned the mob, it will become even more dangerous and stronger.
  • Completely blind mob
  • Has a sense of smell and can sense the player
  • Reacts to sounds
  • Very strong and able to kill a player with two strikes
  • Moves at the player's speed
  • You can distract with a projectile
  • Has a drop resistance

Warden characteristics

Deep dark

  • A new biome in the "deepest depths of the world"
  • Perhaps the rarest biome
  • Consists of sculk blocks
  • Generates at a height between Y=-1 and Y=-64

Ancient City

A new unique structure generates in the caves of the Overworld in Minecraft 1.19.
  • A new structure in deep dark biome
  • It consists of deepslate and basalt blocks
  • There are soul sand, soul fire and soul lanterns
  • Candles and skeleton skulls
  • There are chests with unique loot
  • You can find a unique Reinforced Deepslate blocks
  • Has several levels

Reinforced Deepslate

  • Generates in an Ancient City
  • It consists of deep shale
  • Has some unknown but interesting purpose

Description of the Reinforced Deepslate block

Sculk blocks

Although the rolling blocks are also available in Minecraft 1.18, nevertheless, they will come out of the experiments with the next update and will be available to all players.
  • Sculk;
  • Sculk shrieker;
  • Sculk Catalyst;
  • Sculk vein.

Description of sculk blocks


  • Generates in deep dark and Ancient City;
  • Has an animated texture;
  • Without a silk touch, only experience drops;
  • It grows around a rolling pin catalyst.

Sculk block in Minecraft 1.19

Sculk shrieker

Picks up vibrations from the sensor, imposes a dark effect on the player and summons the Warden after several activations.

Sculk shrieker in Minecraft 1.19

Sculk Catalyst

Distributes sculk blocks to where the nearest mob to the catalyst dies.

Sculk Catalyst block in Minecraft 1.19

Sculk Vein

  • Generates in the deep dark;
  • Can be placed in several layers;
  • Has an animated texture;
  • Nothing drops without a silk touch.

Sculk vein in Minecraft 1.19

Boat with chest

In MCPE 1.19 on Android a chest can now be placed in the boat, which is convenient for transporting resources.

Boat with a chest in Minecraft


  • Found in mangrove swamp biomes
  • Can be created by using a water bottle on a dirt block
  • Can be placed on top of dripstone to dehydrate and form clay

Description of the new mud in Minecraft 1.19

Mud bricks

A new building block that will expand the creative possibilities of players.

Mud brick house


Allay won the mob vote!
  • Flying friendly mob
  • Give him an item to look for, the same or similar
  • Loves music
  • It has two slots
  • Collects items that don't stack
  • Does not break chests and blocks
  • Can only pick up items that have already fallen out

Description of Allay in Minecraft

Last update: September 20, 2022.
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  1. Аватарка гостя
    AndreiNorma45MC - Сообщение
    Релиз 1.19 - то, что я ожидал 😀
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    Сделайте Minecraft Windows 10 edition
  3. Аватарка гостя
    press F
    здравствуйте! с версии 1.17 перешла на 1.19. удивилась что майнкрафт теперь изменил правила хранения миров, очень огорчает.
    администраторы, подскажите, пожалуйста, что делать если миры в проводнике в папке MinecraftWorlds есть, а сам майнкрафт на этой версии пишет что миры не найдены и произошла ошибка? как быть? очень хочу попробовать новую версию, но похоже придется скачивать обратно старые:(
    благодарю заранее за ответ!
    1. Аватарка гостя
      Данные игры пересены в android/data/

      Просто скопируйте данные в новую папку из вашей старой, миры, текстуры, и все дела.
      У меня в проводнике больше не видет папку data, так что скачайте другой файловый менеджер, лично у меня "Файловый менеджер +"
      1. Аватарка гостя
        press F
        майнкрафт сам предложил выбрать папку в проводнике и я выбрала android. хотя из папки games лично мне намного проще управлять файлами)
        но версия 1.19 не зашла как-то
        все равно, спасибо что ответили:)
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    Крута версія
    1. Аватарка гостя
      Россияны, Украина!
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    Это не релиз, сайт наебал, многие повелись и теперь пишут 3 этажные маты, вообщем вашу мать ехали.. Сказал 1 чел, не наебывайте, что это релиз... Пж, иначе будет 0/10
    А сейчас 0,5/10.человекы.
    1. Аватарка гостя
      В тг этого сайта скинули когда примерно будет 18-19 ну это Одесское,так может и не быть сегодня
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    Разрабы та гагда выйдет сегодня 1.19 педровский снапшот я жду не даждусь можете побыстрей
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    Осталось времени нихера все его не будет(
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