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The Minecraft Beta and Preview has been released. The update improves the textures of Copper and Tuff blocks and adds recipes for them. Some changes have been made and errors have been fixed, with more details available below and on the developers' website.


  • Added recipe for Chiseled Copper
  • Added Stonecutter recipes for:
    • All oxidization levels of Waxed Copper Grates
    • All oxidization levels of Waxed Copper Trapdoors
  • Added Crafting Table recipes for:
    • All oxidization levels of Waxed Copper Doors
    • All oxidization levels of Waxed Copper Trapdoors
  • Updated textures for:
    • Crafter
    • Tuff Bricks
    • Copper Door
    • Copper Trapdoor
    • Copper Door item

Experimental changes in Minecraft


  • Chorus Flowers can now be destroyed by any projectile, which will no longer disappear after impact
  • Sneaking in water is now possible with touch controls
  • Made the hotbar less transparent
  • Added background dimming on screens that didn't have it
  • Added the ability to deep link users within a server to Dressing Room offers
  • Improved handling of unexpected errors during world export and provide better error messaging

Changes in Minecraft


  • Fixed a crash when joining a Realm after doing other things for a while
  • Fixed a bug making Calcite not being obtainable as an item through commands or creative inventory
  • Fixed a regression that caused flying players to slow down significantly after touching ground
  • Fixed possible soft locking when performing different actions within Marketplace
  • Fixed an issue where the border around the 'Creator' tab in Settings would not be highlighted
  • Mobs that were placed in Boats before the introduction of the new size restriction, and are now considered too large to fit, will no longer be ejected
  • query.is_moving now detects vertical motion for the player again

Fixes in Minecraft

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