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The Minecraft Beta and Preview has been released, introducing the highly-anticipated Trial Chambers and Trial Spawner, as well as a Breeze! Players will have the opportunity to engage in combat with monsters and earn valuable rewards. More information can be found in the article below and on the developers' website.


  • The Breeze is a cunning, hostile mob that can spawn via Trial Spawner in some rooms within the Trial Chambers
  • The Breeze moves primarily by leaping around the target, sometimes jumping quite long distances
  • An aggressive adversary, the Breeze shoots volatile wind energy in the form of wind charge projectiles at its target
  • Wind charges deal a small amount of damage when colliding directly with an entity
  • After colliding with an entity or a block, wind charge projectiles produce a wind burst, which knocks back entities in the area by several blocks
  • Wind bursts also have the effect of 'activating' certain blocks:
    • Non-Iron Doors and Trapdoors are flipped
    • Fence Gates are flipped
    • Buttons are pressed
    • Levers are flipped
    • Bells are rung and swung
    • Lit Candles (both standalone and on cake) are extinguished
  • Wind bursts do not have any effect on Iron Doors, Iron Trapdoors, or any block being held in its position by a Redstone signal
  • Known Parity Breaks
    • Breeze does not have any non-jump movement during combat
    • Breeze does not deflect projectiles
    • Breeze does not avoid trapdoors

Breeze from Minecraft

Trial Spawner

  • Trial Spawner is a new variant of Monster Spawners that ejects rewards upon completion and can have variable levels of challenge in multiplayer
  • The challenge level will increase for each new player a Trial Spawner notices nearby
    • Challenge level will not decrease until it is reset during a Trial Spawner's cooldown
  • Unlike normal spawners, a Trial Spawner will spawn a limited number of mobs proportional to its current challenge level
    • It can only spawn a mob at positions that are within line of sight
    • It can spawn a mob regardless of any light level requirement the mob has
  • Spawned mobs are persistent
  • Once all mobs are defeated, the Trial Spawner will eject a set of rewards proportional to the current challenge level
    • After the rewards have been ejected, the Trial Spawner goes into cooldown for 30 minutes during which it will no longer spawn mobs
  • Trial Spawners cannot be crafted nor obtained by players in Survival - instead, they can be found naturally placed throughout Trial Chambers
  • Trial Spawners are extremely slow to mine and resistant to explosions, and will not drop even with Silk Touch
  • When placed in Creative, Trial Spawners have no mob type set by default
    • The mob type can be set by interacting with it while holding a Spawn Egg
  • Creative and Spectator players cannot be detected or noticed by Trial Spawners

Trial Spawner from Minecraft

Trial Chambers

  • Trial Chambers are a new structure in the Overworld where players can explore and take on combat challenges during the mid-game
    • Trial Chambers are made out of a variety of Copper and Tuff blocks and can be found in different sizes from large to small
    • Trial Chambers are a relatively common find throughout the Deepslate layer of the underground
  • The layout of each Trial Chamber is procedurally generated, and can include traps, reward chests and a variety of combat spaces
    • Supply chests can be found between different rooms, and give you blocks and items which help you navigate your trials
    • Reward chests are guarded by challenges in each room, and can be a source of enchanted books and equipment
    • The loot found in reward chests are still being iterated, and are absolutely not final
  • Each Trial Chamber will include Trial Spawners with a melee, small melee, or ranged category:
    • Melee: Zombie, Husk, Slime
    • Small Melee: Spider, Cave Spider, Baby Zombie, Silverfish
    • Ranged: Skeleton, Stray
  • Each Trial Spawner category will only use one mob for the entire structure when generated, and these mobs are randomized for each Trial Chamber
    • For example, one Trial Chamber might only spawn Zombies, Cave Spiders and Strays, while another might only spawn Slimes, Silverfish and Skeletons
    • The exceptions to this are some Trial Spawners in unique rooms which always spawn Breezes
  • Known issues
    • The corridors sometimes end with a dead end
    • Aquifers, Lush Caves, and Sculk Veins sometimes intersect with the Trial Chamber
    • Loot tables can contain wrong items or wrong quantities of items

Trial Chambers from Minecraft


  • Trial Key
    • An item that can only be obtained from Trial Spawners
    • Trial Keys do not currently have any functionality
  • Updated Crafter textures
  • Updated Tuff Bricks texture

Experimental changes in Minecraft


  • Container blocks triggered with Redstone (e.g. hopper, dispenser) can now be interacted with consistently when powered by a fast Redstone clock
  • Added more informative error messaging in case world exports fails due to external OS issue
  • Improved delay between 100% Loaded and when main menu appears on console platforms
  • In horizontal split screen, second player can now navigate to the profile screen, and both players can now see each others' character changes
  • Updated the information about Conduits in the How to Play section
  • Added Netherite as a block type in the Encyclopedia Beacon tab
  • Increased the maximum render distance in Preview on Realms to 20 chunks
  • Add an unread post count indicator to the Feed button on the play screen and slots screen

Changes in Minecraft


  • Fixed an issue that made Boats clip through blocks when placed
  • Fixed an issue that could inflict unexpected fall damage in certain cases when building blocks while moving
  • Players no longer fall through the block they stand on when switching to Spectator mode and back
  • Fixed issue where eating an Apple does not slow down player movement
  • Fixed a bug where certain chat messages would briefly be incorrectly shown on the new death screen

Fixes in Minecraft

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