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In Minecraft, developers have focused on bug fixes and crashes. The update does not bring new content to the game, but improves its stability.

Experimental Features
  • Piglin and Dragon Head blocks no longer animate in the hotbar or inventory

Experimental features in Minecraft

  • Added the leave Boat button when the player falls from a height within in the boat
  • Players are now able to place top Slabs in blocks that are only partially blocked by an entity
  • Players can no longer see through partial blocks when sneaking or riding in third person
  • Players are now able to interact with functional blocks while sneaking in a gap without the sneak button held

Changes in Minecraft

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where Zombified Piglins would spawn in the Nether in light levels above 11
  • Error messages about building outside the world height limits no longer appear when simply interacting with blocks at the world height limits from certain angles
  • Minecarts can now eject mobs into liquid blocks

Bugs fixes in Minecraft

Technical Updates
  • Crafting Table component no longer appends "tile." when defaulting to use block name for crafting table label

Technical Updates (experimental)
  • In JSON formats 1.19.70 and later, blocks fail to load if the "condition" field in Block Permutations is not a valid Molang string
  • Added function playAnimation(animationName: string, options?: PlayAnimationOptions) - Plays the specified animation for an entity
  • Removed function clearItem- To clear the item, call setItem with undefined
  • Removed function clearLore- To clear lore, call setLore with an empty array or undefined
  • Added optional searchDistanceparameter to assertEntityPresent(entityTypeIdentifier: string, blockLocation: BlockLocation, searchDistance?: number, isPresent?: boolean)
  • Added assertEntityInstancePresentInArea(entity: Entity, isPresent?: boolean)to check if an entity instance is present in the test area
  • Made the searchDistanceparameter optional in assertItemEntityPresent

«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.

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