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18:40, 3 Nov 2022 50 668
This week, the developers released Minecraft Beta and Preview Various bugs were fixed, changes were made and the update performance was improved.

Experimental Features

  • Fixed a bug where property velocity would return incorrect values in certain situations
  • Added function canPlace - Returns if it is valid to place the desired block type or block permutation at a specified location (and optional face of the block)
  • Added function trySetPermutation - Attempts to place the desired block permutation at a location by first checking canPlace

Bamboo Woodset
  • The name displayed for “Bamboo Raft with Chest” is now “Raft with Chest”
  • When dismounting from Raft and Raft with Chest the correct tooltip is now shown

  • The "Place" prompt is now displayed correctly for all variations of Sign and Hanging Sign when using a controller
  • Mobs now pathfind properly on top of side-attached Hanging Signs

  • Players can no longer ride Camels through/in deep water
  • Sitting Camels do not play the sitting down animation on load anymore, instead they are loaded already sitting
  • Camels can now auto step up one and a half blocks without jumping

Experiments in Minecraft

Features and Bug Fixes
  • Boats and Boats with Chest are no longer teleported to (0, 0, 0) when pushed by a Piston
  • Fixed improper LevelChunk blending when upgrading pre-1.18 worlds
  • Added D3D12 support for Intel Integrated/Dedicated Graphics for compatible drivers
  • Fixed issues with Book & Quill not able to be signed and closed
  • Shortened text when uploading worlds and add-ons so it fits in the dialog
  • You will no longer get an error message when joining a Realm that has been empty for several minutes
  • Navigating through the Recipe Book when the player had items that contain mobs in their inventory no longer causes significant drops in performance
  • Reduced server lag with items going in and out of Hoppers
  • Fixed the Dismount button in the New Touch Control Schemes looking blurry
  • Fixed a bug in Pocket UI Inventory screen, where items could not be dropped back to inventory in Creative Mode
  • Fixed a bug in Pocket UI Inventory screen, where the ‘Craftable/All’ toggle could only be changed in the Search tab but not in any other tab
  • On Xbox, camera movement with mouse no longer changes mouse position when menu is reopened
  • Text color for a selected item stack count is now white instead of yellow
  • Getting killed by a mob with a renamed weapon no longer produces a death message with a redundant 's' at the end
  • When entering Spectator Mode while typing on a Sign, the Sign text screen now closes
  • If you swap into Spectator Mode while standing alone on a Pressure Plate, you lose weight and the Pressure Plate releases
  • Fixed Xbox controller stick deadzone and sensitivity

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