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The developers have released another beta build of Minecraft In this update, bugs have been fixed, optimization has been improved, and changes have been made. Update details coming soon.

Allay on note block

Vanilla Parity
  • Renamed "Flowered Azalea Leaves" to "Flowering Azalea Leaves"
  • Goat Horn now has the same sound for the “Call” variant as Java Edition
  • The last sound for Goat Horn was renamed from “Resist” to “Dream” to match Java Edition

Vanilla Parity in

Spectator Mode (Experimental)
  • While in Spectator Mode, actors in other chunks are no longer culled away

  • Allays can now follow players through Nether portals
  • When an Allay hears a Jukebox playing, it will do a dance animation
  • If the Jukebox stops playing, or if the allay gets too far away from the Jukebox, it will stop dancing
  • If the Allay is given an Amethyst Shard while dancing, it will play a small amethyst sound, make a heart, and duplicate into another Allay
  • After duplication, both Allays will have a 2.5-minute cooldown before being able to duplicate again

Allay dance

  • Sculk Shrieker particles are now correctly rendered from behind
  • Amethyst Clusters are no longer destroyed if attached to a Sculk Sensor
  • No more graphical artifacts from the Warden emerge or dig particle effect
  • Frogs no longer lay Frogspawn on shallow, flowing water
  • Fixed issues with mobs disappearing after going through Nether portals
  • Resistance effect is no longer one level weaker than it should be
  • Haste I will now properly increase the player's mining speed
  • Conduit Power I now grants the effect of Haste I instead of Haste II
  • Container entities like Boat with Chest can now be opened on mobile devices without crouching if all the seats are occupied
  • Cut Copper Slab and its variants can now be placed on the top half of a block on the first attempt
  • Pillagers and Vindicator Captains spawned with commands are once again hostile by default
  • Fixed an issue where worlds that give Operator permissions to new users only give Member permissions
  • Fixed an issue where Carved Pumpkins launched from Dispensers weren't equipping to nearby mobs
  • Parrots once again are poisoned by Cookies
  • The player no longer endlessly jumps after entering a boat while holding down the jump button
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a mob has the flocking component
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