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Minecraft PE Beta
21-10-2021, 18:52 77 378
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Minecraft PE Beta

The developers have released a new beta build Minecraft, but this time they have prepared some new and very cool innovations for the players! Rolling blocks, the effect of darkness, made changes to the generation, fixed bugs.

Music block and music record

  • These functions are available with the inclusion of Vanilla Experiments
  • Added blocks of deep darkness
  • Added the effect of darkness
  • Goat horn and rolling pin blocks are available in experiments

A new experimental mode in the parameters of the world

  • Added new music tracks
  • Added a new music record "otherside"
  • The new record can be found in the chests of fortresses and in dungeons
  • Worlds with the old generator type can no longer be created
  • Worlds with the old generator type now have a maximum version of 1.17.40
  • Worlds with the old generator type can still be run, but they do not have functions from 1.18

Rolling blocks
  • New Blocks: Rolling Pin, Rolling Pin Screamer, Rolling Pin Catalyst and Rolling Pin Core
  • New blocks are currently available with the inclusion of the function Vanilla Experiments

Image with new rolling blocks

  • Decorative block
  • Has no application

Animation and description Sculk

Sculk Shrieker
  • Puts a dark effect on the player

Sculk Shrieker animation

Sculk Catalyst
  • If the nearest mob to the catalyst dies, the rolling pin blocks will begin to spread to the place of death

Sculk Catalyst animation

Sculk Vein
  • Can be placed on one of the four sides of the block

Sculk Vein animation

Dark effect
  • The player's screen goes dark
  • Can be obtained by standing on a rolling screamer
  • You can also get the command /effect @s darkness

  • The bonfire again drops two charcoal, instead of one, if it was broken by a piston or explosion
  • Blocks of light now do not explode from dynamite and creepers
  • Glowing lichen is no longer generated on the ocean floor
  • Fortresses are no longer generated in the air in large caves
  • Fixed a bug with generating magma blocks in underwater caves
  • Glowing lichen is no longer generated above ground
  • Village structures no longer replace blocks of territory by themselves
  • The raid bar now decreases when the raid mob takes damage
  • Fixed a bug with invisible flowers when the player took them from the pots
  • Llamas no longer squat after taming
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of tropical fish in warm oceans
  • Fixed crashes when loading certain chunks
  • Optimized ore generation in the world
  • Fixed a bug with creating a world from a bad template

Bug fixes in Minecraft PE

Technical changes
  • Updated the '/clone'
Technical changes in Minecraft
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