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Minecraft PE
6-10-2021, 18:46 123 821
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Minecraft PE

The developers have published the first beta version of Minecraft This update does not bring new content, but fixes bugs and improves stability.

Caves and Cliffs
  • Functions related to the second part of the update are now available without the experimental switch
  • The new generator is not yet compatible with the option to create custom biomes enabled
  • Worlds with custom biomes may be unstable
  • Changed the rate of appearance of ores to match the Java Edition
  • Fixed a bug that caused large trees to not grow below zero
  • Young hardball is now properly generated in lush caves

A new generator without experimental functions

Cave Generator
  • Old caves can now reach the surface
  • Generation of old caves now corresponds to Java Edition
  • Fixed a bug with the generation of floating water in caves

Placement of objects
  • Flowers no longer remove blocks in villages and other structures
  • Tuff is now correctly generated below zero
  • Deep shale is no longer generated above zero
  • Fixed a bug with generating amethyst geodes below zero

Generating worlds
  • Updated generation of granite, andesite, diorite, mud and gravel to match Java Edition
  • Mountain peaks have been updated so that small mountains look more like real mountain peaks
  • Improved mixing between old and new chunks
  • Mines can no longer replace bedrock blocks

Vanilla parity
  • Raid mobs now disappear after completing a raid when the player is too far away
  • The raid strip has been changed to red
  • The Champions no longer appear in Robber patrols

Equality of versions in Minecraft

Fixed bugs
  • Players are no longer disconnected if the server and client have different block IDs.
  • Optimized the placement time of vines in the ordinary world
  • Fixed portal locations when the portal was moved, but the location was not updated
  • Mobs can now walk on hatches
  • Mobs no longer walk on bonfires
  • Fixed axolotl animation
  • Sweet berry bushes now deal damage to mobs
  • Mobs will no longer try to pass through the bushes of sweet berries
  • The Village Hero effect now applies to all players and persists if the player leaves the village
  • The glitter of the charm on an item in the inventory now covers only the item itself, not the entire slot
  • Enchanted items will no longer become invisible in the Cave
  • The structural unit can now load and save structures at a height below zero or above 256
  • The system will now wait for all players who are out of bed

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
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  1. Гаршин Саша
    Невская минута...
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    Не что не скачевается
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    Ед топ і фрозт дог
  4. KooledSet404677
    Фростдог обязательно снимет обзор
    1. ФростдогЛох
      Да, надо будет обязательно посмотреть
      1. алекс
        почему все говорят что Фростдог лох
    2. User Dave
      Ты смотришь его? Ugh
      1. Nickname
        Мне кажеться, циан лучьше, но я никого не заставляю его смотреть, у каждого свои вкусы.
        1. алекс
          ты прав
  5. pechka555
    1. pechka555
      1. Что..
  6. Влвтьвьв
    Есть канал Frostdog про майнкрафт PE
    1. User Dave
      Ugh, очередной кликбейтер, жаль что по бэдроку нет нормальных ютуберов...
      1. frostdog
        почему все на меня.
        Что я сделал плохого вам.
        Я так же как и вы учусь играть в Майнкрафт
  7. Аида
  8. zip Live
    Огромноееее спасибооооо!!!!!!!!!!
  9. zip Live
    Ааааааааааааааааааааа ааа да ладно!!!!!!;!!!!!!!!!;;!!!!!!!! 1.18!!!!!!!!!!
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