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Minecraft PE Beta
30-09-2021, 18:48 22 592
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Minecraft PE Beta

Developers have published a new weekly beta version of Minecraft on Android. Seven game bugs have been fixed.

Experimental Features
  • Fixed shifted sub-chunks on Caves & Cliffs flat worlds
  • Flat worlds with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled will properly upgrade to use the new dimension heights

Non-Experimental Features and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Light Blocks would force players to spawn at the surface of the Overworld
  • Tropical Fish no longer lose their colors upon grabbing them with a Water Bucket and then releasing them
  • Trapdoors show up in the Recipe Book again
  • Lily Pads can once again be placed on water deeper than one block
  • Mobs no longer jump continuously on non-full blocks such as Snow layers
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  1. Христя
    Класна гра
  2. Казахстан
    Курта но лагает
  3. Укра¡на
    Я видел в эндер мире пропали чанки
  4. Dimeded
    Поскорее бы рендер драгон
  5. Артём
    Исправили ошибку, когда лианы из замшистых пещер появляются на поверхности?
  6. Vector PrO
    Шо за второе исправление ошибки с цифрой 1
    1. Admin
      Не успели дописать, уже отредактировали пост :)
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