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Minecraft PE Beta
14-10-2021, 18:45 66 373
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Minecraft PE Beta

Today, on October 14, the developers released a new version of Minecraft for Android, Windows 10 (11) and Xbox One. Various generation bugs have been fixed, as well as some things like shield animations have been improved.

The developers have changed the location of the files. If you have lost worlds, copy the contents of the /games/com.mojang/ folder to /Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe

Fixed lush caves in Minecraft

Fixed bugs
  • Updated ore distribution to make it more profitable for the player to dig deeper
  • Fixed a bug where some biomes were generated too high
  • Changed the size of biomes to match 1.17
  • Fixed some bugs with aquifers
  • Magma under water is now generated a little more often
  • Increased the number of caves
  • Villages are now generated further apart
  • Goats no longer appear on rocky peaks
  • Lightning no longer has shadows
  • Fixed a bug that caused tropical fish to not appear in lush caves
  • Water droplets now create a splash effect
  • The shield lock animation now works smoothly
  • Fixed a bug with empty chunks on flat worlds
  • Snow blocks now have the same white color
  • Fixed a bug with the hitbox when the player used the elytra
  • Fixed a bug with the cancellation of flight when using elytra when the player crashed into a wall and took damage
  • From copper ore, 2-5 (instead of 2-3) unprocessed copper now falls out
  • In the stonecutter, four carved copper blocks can now be created from a copper block (instead of one)
«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.

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