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Minecraft PE Beta
12-08-2021, 18:48 25 123
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Minecraft PE Beta

A new beta version of Minecraft Beta has been published. The developers have fixed various bugs.

Changes in Minecraft

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes when loading large worlds from the market
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crash or the inability to launch the world on some devices with Android 11
  • Undead mobs under the Sun and next to loose snow will now burn
  • Infinite loading will no longer appear when you click the "View set in store"
  • Fixed a bug that caused the patterns on the loom to display incorrectly on some texture packs

  • Fixed a rebirth bug where a player could place a bed on damage-causing blocks
  • Fixed a bug when a player got out of bed on the wrong side from which he fell asleep
  • Mob spawners no longer emit light

Technical changes
  • Added the BlockPartVisibilityComponent component to manage each part of the block
  • To use BlockPartVisibilityComponent, you need to enable the experiment functions
  • Updated documentation on DamageableItemComponent
  • Fixed controller support when editing the NPC dialog
  • Parsing the interface with the "ignored" field now outputs a content_error error, not an invalid field
  • Added experimental queries block_neighbor_has_any_tags and block_neighbor_has_all_tags
  • Fixed crash when entering the world with a custom resource set that contained query.armor_color_slot
  • Experimental Molang queries (except those related to actor properties) have been moved to the new switch Experimental Molang Features
«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.

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