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Minecraft PE Beta
9-10-2020, 17:14 21 491
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Minecraft PE Beta

The developers have released a new test build Minecraft PE (Bedrock) Beta for Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One, fixing a number of bugs and making some changes to the game!

  • Render Dragon has been re-enabled in this beta

Bug fixes:
  • Performance and stability
    • Fixed some bugs that caused the game to crash.
    • Fixed a departure that sometimes occurred while flying or moving around the world.
  • Blocks
    • The plates can no longer be placed on the Edge Rods.
    • Blocks that can only be obtained using commands no longer have tooltips.
    • Fixed crimson roots, distorted roots and non-browser sprouts that do not generate in the Lower World.
    • The walls converted from Console Edition saves are now connected correctly.
  • Items
    • The locked item icon and hint are no longer displayed when the game rule 'showtags' is set to false.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some item recipes to be missing from the crafting window.
    • The armor no longer gets stuck in the hotbar after interacting with the armor rack.
    • The book with the pen was returned to the inventory of the creative mode.
  • User interface
    • Fixed an error with an incorrect size of the Profile button in the pause menu.

Technical changes:
  • Commands
    • Added the ability to choose between different types of shaking using '/camerashake'.
    • Fixed a bug where custom items were not added to the Creative Mode inventory and therefore could not be used with commands.
    • Fixed a bug where a query queued with '/schedule' was not deleted when executed and was executed when re-entering the world.
    • Added an overload to the command '/schedule', '/schedule on_area_loaded', which allows you to track a circular area, taking into account the center and radius. Serialization for the request queue has also been added.
    • Fixed a bug with the '/schedule' command that would have considered the area loaded before it was actually loaded, and the command now takes into account the dimension in which it is in the queue.
  • Adding blocks
    • Fixed a bug with block synchronization.
    • Added blocks can no longer use vanilla block IDs.
    • 'SetBlockAtPos' does not change the position of the block from the incoming parameters.
  • Item icon component
    • Added a blocking component that can be applied to items using the '/give' and '/replace' commands. This prevents the item from being removed from the player's inventory, falling out, or crafting. Usage example: '/give @s apple 1 0 {"item_lock": {"mode": "lock_in_inventory"}}'.
    • Added a locking component in the slot, which can be applied to the item using the commands '/give' and '/replaceitem'. This prevents an item from being moved or removed from its slot in the player's inventory, falling out, or crafting. Usage example: '/give @s apple 1 0 {"item_lock": {"mode": "lock_in_slot"}}'.
    • Added a death saving component that can be applied to an item using the '/give' and '/replaceitem' commands. This component prevents the item from falling out when the player dies. Usage example: '/give @s apple 1 0 {"keep_on_death": {}}'.
  • Managed blocks
    • Added the BlockDisplayNameComponent component, which allows you to customize the names in the localization table.
    • 'entity_collision' and 'pick_collision' take into account the rotation on the block.
    • Fixed animation not working on mobs created by user events.
    • Added support for the trigger component 'on_interact'.
    • Improved support for the 'on_interact' of the item used, for example, changing the durability or installing in another item.
    • Fixed a bug where 'on_interact' duplicated the item being used if the response to the event killed the player.
    • Fixed the functionality of custom items and their rendering on the client in the client/server scenario.
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