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Minecraft PE 1.17.30
21-09-2021, 18:48 455 241
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Minecraft PE 1.17.30

New release update Minecraft has already been released, combining betas 1.17.20 and 1.17.30 and adding more equality with Minecraft: Java Edition, various bugs have also been fixed and the stability of the game has been improved.

Game rules

There is a new game rule respawnblocksexplode that prevents the explosion of beds and rebirth anchors in dimensions where they cannot be used.

A new game rule in Minecraft 1.17.30

  • The enchantment table now emits level 7 light instead of 12
  • The goats no longer have horns
  • Chests in Hoglin stalls can now contain enchanted diamond picks
  • Added new testing methods for GameTest Framework
  • The axolotl now appears only if there are blocks of stone under it at a distance of no more than 10 blocks
  • Angular mode has been added for the structural block
  • The light block now displays particles of light blocks in the form of an object icon when held in the hand

Equality with Java Edition
  • Now only 15-20 mobs can appear around the player in the Cave instead of 30-40
  • Clicking sounds when switching a block now refer to the sounds of the "Blocks" section
  • The sounds of the lever switching have been swapped to match the Java Edition

Equality with Java at 1.17.30

Fixed bugs

More than 40 bugs have been fixed. Here is the main one:
  • Improved spawn in worlds, when the player could appear elsewhere
  • Fixed the text of the plates on the map when ray tracing is enabled
  • The amethyst cluster can no longer be placed on blocks of grass paths
  • Potion cauldrons are no longer filled with water from droppers
  • Fixed crash when trying to place a structure in an unloaded chunk and deleting this structure
  • The /structure command when loading the structure now shows the correct messages
  • The /particle command no longer necessarily requires the entry of positions
  • The /particle command now displays the correct chat messages
  • Blocks pushed by pistons no longer turn white
  • Half of the book on the enchantment table will no longer be darkened
  • The Target block now transmits red stone signals
  • Bees can now pollinate cave creepers
  • Spruce and birch foliage will no longer change their colors in biomes
  • Mobs will no longer disappear when teleporting between dimensions
  • The dropper will no longer shift when falling

Bug fixes in Minecraft 1.17.30
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