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Minecraft PE 1.16.220

6-04-2021, 19:12 89 455
Minecraft PE 1.16.220

On the sixth of April, the developers released a new release build of Minecraft 1.16.220, in which they made some changes and fixed various bugs.


Added the ability to color the text on the plates with dyes.

Minecraft PE 1.16.220

Known issues

  • Players are unable to see and join LAN sessions on Xbox without on Xbox Live Gold subscription
  • Paintings appear invisible when placed

Bug fixes

In this update, 37 bugs have been fixed.

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to rename a map on an anvil while its second slot was occupied
  • Fixed a crash when entering a Nether Portal and throwing a Bottle o' Enchanting at the same time
  • Improved input latency on Windows 10 when VSYNC is enabled
  • Fixed fog in Nether biomes not rendering properly in some Resource Packs
  • Players with Visitor permissions now drop inventory on death
  • Fixed Drowned holding tridents backwards during attack
  • Drowned will now swing their arms when throwing tridents
  • Zombie, Zombie Villager, Husk, Pillager, and Vindicator now use correct bone to attach shields
  • Mobs that pick up shields now place it in their off-hand
  • Non-persistent mobs no longer despawn immediately after loading into the Nether
  • Projectiles now pass through Structure Void blocks
  • Improved placement rules for placing blocks on sides of stairs, slabs, and Top Snow blocks
  • Pistons and Sticky Pistons no longer appear black when Outline Selection is disabled
  • Enabled screen narration with touch input on the new achievements screen
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader didn't read out default controller focus and checkbox state on the 'Online Play is not Rated' prompt
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader would read the wrong text while using VR
  • Enabled "Find Friends" button on Xbox
  • Controllers are now able to select the "Button Mode" toggle in the Advanced Settings NPC screen in the Jurassic World pack
  • The "Results" field for search within the marketplace inventory now updates properly between different sections within the screen
  • The death screen is now visible when behind full-screen effects (on fire, standing in a portal, etc.) while playing in VR
  • Fixed translucent rendering of occluded UI elements, also when viewing menus near blocks while playing in VR
  • Selecting the featured offer on the profile screen now properly redirects to the complete list of featured offers
  • Made the Sign In button text fit the button in Portuguese-BR
  • The Storage menu on now uses lighter text color
  • Fixed an issue where button textures weren't scaled properly when applying Resource Packs
  • Enabled navigating to the Back button using only keyboard in some screens where it was not possible
  • Entity selectors no longer allow self-selection with cheats disabled
  • The '/clear' command will now apply the correct "data" argument for the sapling item
  • Command blocks in a command block chain will now list the correct amount of ticking areas when a new ticking area is added before listing
  • Title command no longer duplicates % symbols in message
  • Using teleport with the execute command now uses the dimension of the origin for its operations
  • Steve’s Pants no longer change the color of the bottom of feet when no footwear is equipped
  • Fixed other players appearing as Steve in multiplayer
  • Changing skins while in split-screen now properly saves for all local players and update properly for remote players
  • Alex’s shirt no longer looks corrupted when equipped with different pants
  • "Hooray!" emote will now display in the emotes section if already owned

Technical changes

There were 27 technical changes.

  • Renamed all references of Actor to Entity
  • Renamed 'BlockPos' to 'BlockLocation'
  • Fixed an issue where V2 Villagers were not properly updating their MoLang variables on initialization
  • Changed cipher algorithm to AESGCM256 for UDP stream

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