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Minecraft PE 1.13
14-11-2019, 11:58 832 196
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Minecraft PE 1.13

Finally, the developers have released a release update Minecraft PE (Bedrock) 1.13 for all current platforms, and now you can enjoy new innovations, including: brown cows, foxes, suspicious confusion and much more!

The players have been asking for a long time and the developers have done it! Now you can place frames not only vertically, but also horizontally!

Vertical frames in Minecraft 1.13

Foxes won the biome vote at Minecon 2018 and with update 1.13 you can meet them in the taiga! Remember that they are nocturnal animals.

Foxes in the MKPE 1.13 update

If a red mushroom cow gets hit by lightning, it will turn into a brown version. Feed her flowers!

The new brown cow

If you feed her flowers, then using a bowl, you can get a suspicious mess (stew)!

Suspicious stew in Minecraft PE 1.13

This stew can also be created in a workbench using mushrooms, a bowl and any flower.

Recipe for Suspicious confusion in Майнкрафт

After the release of the update Village and Pillage, abandoned villages disappeared from the game, but since version 1.13 they are available again, but remember that it is very difficult to find them!

Return of abandoned villages at 1.13

Minecraft PE 1.13 Update

Latest version: v1.13.1.5
What's new?
  • Fixed invisible chests.
  • Elytra will no longer become invisible when using their skin.
  • The Founder's Cape cape can now be used on custom skins.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to have the same skin in multiplayer.

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