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Minecraft PE Beta
7-02-2019, 18:57 714 173
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Minecraft PE Beta

So we waited for the release of the new version of Minecraft Bedrock (PE) numbered 1.10, bringing a lot of new content to the game! New villages and residents, outposts, new blocks and a bunch of everything else, including, of course, shields!


Are not functional, but will be improved in the future. You can put it in any hand, and activation works by using the sneak button.

Minecraft PE Beta

Updated Villages and Villagers

Now the residents have become a little smarter and even know how to sleep! Each biome now has its own type of village, and the very design of the inhabitants' clothes depends on the biome.

Outposts appear near villages and looters live in them.

The page will be completed a little later.

Minecraft BETA 1.10 Update

Updated: February 6, 2019
Latest version: v1.10.0.4
What's new?:
  • Fixed bugs
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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