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Release 1.19 is coming soon!
18-05-2022, 23:46 1 085
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Release 1.19 is coming soon!

Many players have noticed that there are fewer changes in the latest betas and snapshots. On May 17, the developers released the first pre-release for Minecraft: Java Edition. Thus, it was confirmed that the development of the update is almost complete.

What won't appear in 1.19?

Most recently, developers gave answers to some questions. Unfortunately, not all the content shown on Minecraft Live 2021 will be added in 1.19
  • Fireflies: canceled
  • Birch Biome Update: Developers said it was just a concept
  • Archeology: was moved to 1.18, but the developers canceled its addition

When will the update be released?

The update will be released this summer. Details are not disclosed.

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