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Ask Mojang: All about Minecraft 1.19
11-05-2022, 00:50 634
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Ask Mojang: All about Minecraft 1.19

On May 10, a video was released on the official Minecraft YouTube channel with the answers of developers to questions about the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update. We have collected all the important information on this page.

  • Fireflies will not be added to Minecraft 1.19, nor will they appear in the next update;
  • The concept art of the renovated birch forest shown is just a concept. Developers will not update this biome.
  • To create models, developers use Blockbench (blockbench.net).
  • On Bedrock version, players and mobs will not "fall slightly" into the mud block due to technical problems. It will be fixed in the next updates after the release.
  • Fireflies will not be added in 1.19.
  • Update development is slow due to the update quality bar set too high.

Fireflies will not appear in Minecraft 1.19
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    Моджанги скатились в край. Обещали , обещали... И в итоге всё началось с 1.17
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    Эхх, а такие надежды на них были (
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