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Wolves in Minecraft will get variations. Already in the game 🐺

10:06, 18 Mar 2024 843
Wolves in Minecraft will get variations. Already in the game 🐺

In the latest snapshots and test versions, Mojang made important changes to Minecraft that players have been asking for for a long time. 8 new variations of Wolves have been added (9 in total), and the ability to color armor has been added.

Despite the names of the new Wolves and their appearance, they have no particular differences other than texture!

Pale Wolf

  • A standard Wolf, but given a new name.
  • Still spawns in the Taiga biome.

Pale Wolf in the taiga

Rusty Wolf

  • Lives in the Jungle.

Rusty Wolf in the jungle

Spotted Wolf

  • It looks more like a Hyena, but Mojang is called the Spotted Wolf.
  • Spawns in the Savanna Plateau.

Spotted Wolf in the savanna

Black Wolf

  • It's hard to see in the shadows, especially at night!
  • Spawns in the Old Growth Pine Taiga.

Black Wolf in the taiga

Striped Wolf

  • Spawns in the Wooded Badlands.

Striped Wolf in the badlands

Snowy Wolf

  • Looks like a Ghost, the Direwolf of Jon Snow!
  • Spawns in the Snowy Groves.

Snowy Wolf in thesnowy groves

Ashen Wolf

  • Spawns in the Snowy Taiga.

Ashen Wolf in the snowy taiga

Woods Wolf

  • Spawns in the Forest biome.

Woods Wolf in the forest

Chestnut Wolf

  • Spawns in the Old Growth Spruce Taiga biome.

Chestnut Wolf in the spruce taiga biome

The coloring of the wolf armor

  • Wolf Armor can now be colored with any Dye.
  • A cauldron of water can be used to clear the color from the Armor.

Colored wolf armor variants

When's it coming out?

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